Amazon Prime Subscription: All you need to Know

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We are all aware of the very famous shopping website, Amazon. Most of us have even heard the name of Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime videos, etc. But only a few of us know all about Amazon Prime. Here in this article, we will deal with what Amazon Prime is. We will also see the various features and services that Amazon Prime offers.

If you are not an Amazon prime user but an Amazon customer. Then you must have seen the option of getting Amazon Prime subscription every time you use the website of the Amazon App.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that Amazon offers to the registered users. The Amazon Prime users get access to a lot of features that are unavailable to any normal Amazon users. Besides improving your online shopping experience by fast delivery, low costs for specific products, and other shopping benefits, Amazon Prime also provides access to a world of Entertainment in the form of Amazon Prime Videos, Amazon Prime Music, etc. According to an announcement by Amazon in April 2018, Amazon has more than 100 million Prime users throughout the world.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Subscription:

There is a lot that you get if you register with Amazon Prime. here is a list of the attractive features that it offers. These benefits will surely make you give a thought to this subscription.

Shopping Benefits

All Amazon Prime users get free delivery of their products in two days for a list of locations. Besides this, at times the cost of some products are a bit low for the Prime users while they are not so for the regular users, Amazon Prime users also get fairly more discount offers and cashback than any normal Amazon customer. These indeed improve the shopping experience of the Prime users many folds. In fact, these shopping benefits are the most major reason behind so many subscriptions for this plan.

Prime Videos:

Amazon prime

Along with Amazon Prime membership, you get AdvertisementP free streaming of videos, TV series, movies and much more. Prime Videos give you access to a wide range of movies ranging from classics to modern ones. You get Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies on Prime. In the real sense, Amazon Prime is as times compared with Netflix and Hulu. Though it is much behind these in terms of contents, Prime Videos have shown real improvement and the contents and series of Primes have won many awards. Prime Videos have a huge crowd of viewers. On the Prime Video app, you can search based on the type of content you are looking for. It has a wide range of movies, TV series, even cartoon series. You can also extend the access by ‘add on channels’. You can also download movies and videos for watching them later.

These extra channels require an extra subscription. However, all these channels a free trial period of 7 days. The best channels that you can subscribe to through Amazon Prime are the following:

  • Showtime (costs $10.99 per month)
  • HBO ( costs $14.99 per month
  • Starz ( costs $8.99 per month )
  • CBS All Access ( costs $5.99 per month )
  • Cinemax ( costs $9.99 per month )
  • PBS Masterpiece ( costs $5.99 per month )
  • Boomerang ( costs $4.99 per month )
  • Noggin ( costs $7.99 per month )
  • Acorn (costs $4.99 per month )
  • Shudder ( costs $4.99 per month )
  • Britbox ( costs $6.99 per month )
  • Hallmark Movies Now ( costs $5.99 per month )
  • Sundance Now ( costs $6.99 per month )
  • Brown Sugar ( costs $3.99 per month )
  • Cheddar ( costs $2.99 per month )
  • Daily Burn ( costs $14.99 per month )
  • Up Faith And Family ( costs $4.99 per month )
  • Urban Movie Channel ( costs $4.99 per month )
  • Sling Tv ( costs $25 to $40 per month )
  • Hulu ( costs $5.99 to $11.99 per month )

Prime Music:

Amazon prime

Amazon Prime membership also gives access to advertisement-free music streaming. The Prime Music library holds more than 1 million songs and albums. You can listen to unlimited songs free of cost once you have the Prime subscription. You can search for the music you want using the custom search bar. You can also search according to the album or artist. You can so create your playlists on the Prime Music App. However, Prime Music offers you access to many pre-created playlists based on genre, singers, etc. You can also download the songs on your device for future listening.

However, Amazon Music Unlimited offers a much greater library of music and albums. Though this library costs a bit more, the Prime Subscribers obviously get it for a lesser cost than the regular users.

Amazon Library:

Prime membership gives you access to Kindle Owners Lending Library from where you can rent ebooks free of cost if you are a Kindle user. There is no due date to the rented book but you can rent only one book in a month. The books can be accessed through any device connected to your Amazon account.

The Prime Reading of Amazon lets you read more than 1,000 ebooks in Kindle format and that too free of cost. You can get both fictional and nonfictional content here.

you also get entitled to the Kindle First program, which allows Prime members to download one free ebook every month. Titles in the Kindle First program are not-yet-released ebooks that are made available as Kindle First picks one month prior to their official release.

You can also read magazines here. For example, you can get Entertainment Weekly, Martha Stewart Living, and Men’s Health, to name a few. 

Audible Channels:

This is a feature that Amazon Prime users get but only a few of them really know about this. The users get a small range of audiobooks at their disposal. However, you can access these audiobooks only online. There is no option of free downloading. If you want to download an audiobook, you will have to pay for it.

Prime Student Program:

This feature of Amazon Prime is only for students. The students having enrollment in a college or a university and having a valid .edu email Id. Having this ID, you can get a free trial of Amazon Prime for six months under the Prime Student Program of Amazon. Even after the trial period gets over, the students having the registration get 50% off on the Prime membership charge.

However, the students get limited benefits under this trial period. They only get a two-day fast delivery service and the facility to store unlimited photos with Amazon photos. The other facilities like Amazon Videos, Amazon Music, etc. are only available to the completely registered users.

Amazon Photos:

As an Amazon Prime member, Amazon allows you for unlimited photo files stored as part of the Amazon Photos program. Though all Amazon users get entitled to data storage at Amazon Drive, the storage space for regular customers is limited to 5GB. With Amazon Prime, this space expands to unlimited cloud storage. You can store anything from photos to videos, documents to music files, and whatever else you might want to store on there. All photos—whether previously uploaded or uploaded in the future—do not count against your cloud storage data limit.

However, there are a few restrictions here. The Photos you store must be smaller than 2GB. Supported formats include JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and RAW formats for Nikon (NEF), Canon (CR2), and Sony (ARW) cameras. Prime Photos is only meant for personal, non-commercial use.

Twitch Prime:

Amazon prime

Anyone who is into video games must be knowing about Twitch. For those who are not aware of what Twitch is, Twitch is like YouTube except with real-time live-streamed gameplay rather than pre-recorded videos. Twitch is basically a platform for watching gaming tournaments and other events but besides this, it is much more today.

Twitch itself is completely free. But it has some additional features. For getting access to these bonus features, you need a Twitch subscription. One of the features under Twitch subscription includes advertisement-free content. All Amazon Prime users get free Twitch subscription but only a few are aware of this benefit. Amazon Prime grants you the same benefits as Twitch Turbo. But Twitch Prime offers one unique benefit: every month, certain commercial games are made free to download. You don’t get this on Amazon Prime.

If you already have a Twitch account, you can connect your account to a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime to start reaping the benefits.

Prime Pantry

 Prime Pantry services that allow you to order special “Prime Pantry” items that aren’t normally available to the regular customers. These items include household essentials and groceries that are too cost-prohibitive to ship individually.

With Prime Pantry, you have three options:

  • either pay $5.99 shipping on orders under $35,
  • receive free shipping on orders $35 or over,
  • receive free shipping on orders $10 or over with a $4.99/mo Prime Pantry subscription.

Only Prime Pantry-eligible items are counted in orders. Due to air shipping regulations, Prime Pantry boxes can only be shipped by ground. Most orders arrive within 4 business days.

If you’re interested, you can grab a 30-day free trial of Prime Pantry and experience it for yourself. You may never need to visit your local grocery store ever again. Amazon will get you everything at your doorstep.

Membership Sharing:

Only a few users know can share your Amazon Prime membership benefits with up to one other adult and four non-adult. Thus, one Amazon Prime Subscription five people can make use of your Amazon Prime benefits without giving them direct access to your account (i.e. sharing your account password, which breaches the Amazon Terms of Service).

The only stipulation is that these people must live at the same address as you. Or, in other words, membership can only be shared with actual members of the same household. To invite somebody, you’ll need to know their name, birthday, and email address. When they accept the invitation, they’ll need to know your birthday.

Lightning Deals:

Amazon has an awesome deals program called Lightning Deals. In a Lightning Deal, a discounted item is only available in a certain quantity for a certain amount of time.

The Lightning Deals program isn’t exclusive to Prime, but open to regular customers as well. However, Amazon Prime members have something called Prime Early Access. The Prime users get a 30-minute head start on most (but not all) Lightning Deals, which is great because these deals sell out surprisingly fast. Visit the Lightning Deals page to see what’s available at any time.

Amazon Prime members are also eligible to participate in Prime Day, which is an annual event where thousands of items across the entire site are marked down. If you’ve been thinking of buying an Amazon device, like an Echo or Dot, Prime Day is the best day for it.

Cost of Amazon Prime Subscription:

Amazon Prime’s annual subscription will cost you $119 per year. While if you get a monthly subscription, you will have to pay $12.99 per month. Besides this, Amazon also allows its users a 30 days free trial of Amazon Prime. Students get 6 months of free trial and appreciable discount on the subscription cost. If you have subscribed to the monthly plan then your membership will auto-renew every month.

How to become an Amazon Prime member:

You can avail for Amazon Prime subscription by paying a series of simple steps as follows:

  1. Open the Amazon website or the Amazon Android or iOS app.
  2. Log in to your Amazon account if you have an account on Amazon. If you don’t have an account yet, Sign in on the app or website using your phone number or E-mail ID.
  3. In the app, tap on the menu icon on the top left, and then tap on Try Prime. On the website, move your mouse over Try Prime and then click on Try Prime Free.
  4. Click or tap on Start your 30-day free trial.

Following these steps, you become an Amazon Prime member. You will get unlimited free delivery, instant access to unlimited video streaming, and special deals just for Prime members.

Prime membership is completely free for the first month, so you don’t even need to enter your payment information at this point. After a month of using it, the cost of the subscription will be added to your shopping cart automatically, and you can choose to pay for Prime from that point forward.

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