Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyar Ke (YRHPK): Written Update (26th July), Upcoming Story


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyar Ke Written Update (25th July):

In today's episode, we see that Vishambhar ass Abir about Shweta. Right then, Kuhu enters with Kunal saying that she knows all about Shweta. Vishambhar says that a big thing has been hidden from him and he needs answers.

Shaurya brings the man who has received the e-mails. Rajvansh family arrives there too. They all question the man. He says that someone has sent the mail to him asking him to make it popular in the media. He tells that someone has sent him the mail through a hidden e-mail id that is [email protected]

Everyone present there is shocked as the email id belongs to Mishti. Varsha questions Mishti but she says that if she has to answer the question, it means no one in the family trusts her.

Meenakshi says that she wants to answer as his son is going to get married in her family. Mishti says that she will never do anything that will upset her family. As Mishti is about to leave, Abir demands an answer from her. Mishti says that she has not sent the mail.

Vushambhar supports Mishti and Abir also says that he will find out the real culprit behind the situation. Later, as Kunal and Meenakshi area bout to leave, Meenakshi asks Kunal if he still wants to marry Shweta. Kunal stays quiet.

Meenakshi sees Kuhu listening to the conversation and deliberately sys that she will support Kunal whenever he wants to change his decision. uhu is upset to hear this and she questions Kunal that why he didn't answer to his mother's questions.

Kunal says that Kuhu should trust him. Kuhu outbursts and says that she trusts him and that's why she had sent those emails from Mishti's id. Kuhu says that she can't handle all this and she is going to tell everything to her mother.

Kunal tries to stop him but when Kuhu gets out of control, he hugs her. Kunal says to Kuhu that he needs her help to keep Mishti away from Abir. Kuhu says that she will always help him but she wants to stop all this confusion till there marriage.

Elsewhere, Mishti finds the man that took her name and threatens to beat him if he did not tell the truth. Abir comes there and stops Mishti.

He asks that man to tell the truth but the man said that he knows nothing. Kunal meets Meenakshi who says that she saw the same spark in Abir's eyes that she saw in Kunal's father's eye when he was to leave them. Meenakshi says that she feels the same thing will happen again when Kunal pacifies her.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyar Ke Upcoming Episode:

In the promo of the next episode, we see that Mishti asks Kuhu if she has sent the mail. Kuhu says that if Mishti comes in between Kunal and her, she will never let Mishti and SAbir unite. To this, Mishti answers that when she can do so much for Kuhu's love, she will do anything for her own love and no one can separate abir from her.  In the next episode, we will see that abir and Mishti find the truth and Mizshti questions Kuhu. Kuhu will take out all the ill feelings about Mishti that will leave Mishti shocked. However, Mishti is sure that these petty matters won't separate her from Abir. They are however not yet aware that Meenakshi is behind all this. What will happen when they come to know the complete truth? Will Meenakshi succeed in her foul play?

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