Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai: Written Update, Upcoming Story (29th July)


YRKKH Written Update (26 July)

In today's episode, we see that Naira sees Kartik and Vedika's wedding invitation and gets emotional.

The doctor reads Kairav's reports and says that the reports are alright and that Kairav does not have the problem that Naira had. Naira is relieved to hear this but the doctor says that they will have to perform some more tests of Kairav.

Naira takes Kairav to a designer store where Vedika had also gone with Gayu. Naira says to Kairav that they will buy a gift for Kartik. Kairav chooses a gift for Kartik but the same was chosen by Vansh as well. They both fight over who will take the shirt.

However, their fight resolves and they become friends. Kairav and Vansh both talk about Kartik. Vansh shows him Kartik's photo and Kairav says that he is his father. Vansh doesn't agree to this and asks Kairav to prove it.

Kairav agrees to prove it and they both decide to go to Vansh's home. Naira receives a call from the doctor that Kairav;'s reports are ready but as she was busy with the call, she sees Kairav going out of the store. Naira runs behind Kairav but couldn't stop him.

Kairav sits in Vansh's car and moves towards Goenka mansion. Naira follows the car in another taxi. Naira sees the car going towards the Goenka mansion and gets worried.

Vansh enters the Goenka house and is welcomed with lights and flowers. The priest also applies him the tilak on his entry to the house. Naira and Lisa stand outside the house and Naira are worried about what she should do now.

Upcoming Episode

In the next episode we will see that when Kairav will see Kartik, he will call out to him and run towards him. Kartik will be shocked seeing Kairav in the house.

Kairav was about to fall when Kartik holds him and hugs him. As Naira can't go inside the house, Lisa goes to bring Kairav out but Kairav says that he won't go without Naira.

Kartik also decides that he will meet Kairav's mom today. Naira prays that Kairav comes out with Lisa and she comes to now that the decorations are for Kartik's engagement with Vedika. Naira is heartbroken to know this.

Will Naira have to go into the house to bring Kairav? Will someone see her? Will Kartik and Vedika get engaged?

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