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YRKKH Written Update (25 July)

In today's episode, we see that Dadi, Goenka, and Vedika are discussing the marriage preparations when Bhabhi maa arrives there with gifts for Vedika thanks to her.

They discuss their guests when Vedika says there will be only one guest from her side who is her best friend. Vedika says that she wants to go and personally invite her with Kartik. Dadi says that she definitely should go.

Elsewhere in the hotel, Naira tries to contact the doctor but her phone is engaged. Naira sees Kairav getting bored and tries to entertain her by playing a treasure hunt with him.

Kairav gets happy and Naira thinks that she will not let Kairav get affected by her grief. Naira contacts the doctor and gets an appointment at 4 PM. Vedika also calls the doctor and says to come at the same time. Bith Kartik and Naira reach the hospital at the same time.

Kairav wants to meet his dad but Nairac stays quiet. Kairav gets angry and says that now he will pray to God to help him meet his father. Kartik and Vedika meet the doctor and give her the invitation.

As Kartik is about to leave from the hospital, Kairav spots him and runs behind him. At the same time, Vedika slips and Kartik holds her. Naira, who is running behind Kairav to stop him sees this scene and gets heartbroken.

Kairav gets sad at not being able to meet Kartik when Naira pacifies him saying that its good that his dad didn't see him because he passes out on seeing someone getting the injection.

Naira takes Kairav to the doctor and sees the invitation card of Kartik and Vedika there. Naira is devastated seeing this.

YRKKH Upcoming Episode (26 July)

In the promo of the next season, we see that Vansh shows Kairav a keyring with his photo with Kartik. Kairav says that he is his dad. Vansh asks him to prove this and thus Kaqirav goes to the Goenka mansion.

In the next episode, Vedika will go to pick her engagement dress at a designer store where Naira will also go with Lisa and Kairav. Vansh and Kairav will meet there and Vansh will show him his bro's pic who is Kartik. Kairav will claim that Kartik is his dad and Vansh will take Kairav to the Goenka mansion. As Kairav will enter the house, flowers will fall over him. Kairav will get very amazed at seeing the decoration of the house. However, no one in the house will recognize Kairav.

Will Kairav will be welcomed at the Goenka house? Will Naira also go there behind Kairav? Will Kairav's arrival stop Vedika and Kartik's engagement?

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