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Yeh rishta Kya Kehlata hai: Upcoming Story (22nd July), Written Update-YRKKH


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the Star Plus daily soap revolves around Kartik and Naira, two lovers who have faced lots of highs and lows in their lives. Every time they solve a thing to set everything fine, life puts them in another challenge.

Kartik and Naira are again away but their son Kairav has become a link between them. Will Kairav be able to reunite his parents?

Written Update:

In today’s episode, we see that Swarna and Manish discuss their family. Swarna is worried as everyone in the family is having some problem or the other.

They both are tensed about Kartik. Manish, however, tells Swarna to leave the hope of Naira’s return but Swarna tells that she can never leave hope as Naira’s body was not found on the day of the accident.

Later, Vansh tells Kartik that Dadi has not taken her medicine. Kartik goes to give her the medicine. He by mistake tells her that he is getting married only so that Dadi gets well. Later, Vedika asks Dadi about celebrating Sawan Milni.

Dadi gets an emotional hearing this but grants her permission. she also tells the other ladies to help her. Bhabhi maa and Dadi then discuss Kartik’s and Vedika’s relations. Elsewhere in Goa, Kairav asks Naira about Sawan Milni.

Naira explains to him about the Sawan Milni festival. The next day, Sawan Milni is celebrated in the Goenka mansion.

Naira also arranges for the celebration for Kairav. Both Naira and Kartik miss each other and shed tears. Kairav sees Naira crying and pacifies her.

They both talk about Kartik. On the other hand, Swarna tells Kartik that Naira can never return so he should move on in life. Kartik imagines spending some good moments with Naira in the Sawan Milni.

Upcoming Episode:

In the next episode, we will see that Kairav faints during the celebrations and Naira panics seeing him like that. On the other hand, Vedika is enjoying the ‘jhoola’ when that is about to fall. Kartik sees that Vedika is about to fall.

What’s wrong with Kairav’s health? Will Kartik save Vedika? What turn will their story take?

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