Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story 17th July, Written Update-YRKKH


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the Star Plus daily soap revolves around Kartik and Naira, two lovers who have faced lots of highs and lows in their lives. Every time they solve a thing to set everything fine, life puts them in another challenge.

Kartik and Naira are again away but their son Kairav has become a link between them. Will Kairav be able to reunite his parents?

Written Update (16 July):

In today's episode, we see that the family is not sure how to react to the news of Vedika and Kartik getting married. But they accept it anyhow. Swarna tells Manish that he should not have forced Kartik to marry Vedika as any relation based on pressure is not healthy.

Manish tells that he had to do this for her mother. Akhilesh is not sure if he should let all this happen. He decides to tell Kartik the truth that Naira is alive.

He goes to talk to Kartik and tells him that he should rethink over marrying Vedika. Kartik does not listen to the complete thing. Akhilesh then decides to somehow make Naira aware that Kartik is marrying Vedika.

He thinks that if Naira will come to know about the marriage, she will surely do something. Manish and Swarna attend a veneration where the priest tells them that someone from the family is under great trouble. Manish says that Suhasini was in trouble but now she is well.

But the priest tells them that the trouble is still on their family. Meanwhile, in Goa, Naira and Kairav are on the bus stop waiting for their bus and Liza is there to say goodbye.

Kairav is very excited about meeting his father and has also written a poem for Kartik. Their bus arrives and they were about to board it when Kairav falls unconscious.

Naira panics at this and hurriedly takes him to the hospital. The doctor tells her that he fainted just because of weakness and anxiety as he had missed his breakfast.

Naira takes him back home. We then see that Akhilesh talks to Liza. Liza is Akhilesh's girlfriend. He lies to her that he is in Delhi. But indirectly tells him that Kartik Goenka is getting married. Akhilesh knew that Liza and Naira are friends and that if he will tell Liza, Naira will eventually come to know.

Upcoming Episode(17 July):

In the promo of Wednesday's episode, it is shown that Dadi had called the priest to fix the date of Kartik and Vedika's marriage. Elsewhere in Goa, Liza tells Naira that someone from the Goenka family is getting married to a girl named Vedika. Naira asks who is getting married to which Liza tells that Kartik is marrying Vedika.

In the next episodes we will see that Dadi is bent upon getting Kartik and Vedika married soon while the family wants to give time to the marriage. Naira will come to know about the marriage and think that Kartik has moved on in his life so she should not go back and disturb his life. Naira then changes his plan of going to Udaipur.

Will Kartik really marry Vedika? What effect will this news have on Naira? And what is the relation between Akhilesh and Liza?

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