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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the Star Plus daily soap revolves around Kartik and Naira, two lovers who have faced lots of highs and lows in their lives. Every time they solve a thing to set everything fine, life puts them in another challenge.

Kartik and Naira are again away but their son Kairav has become a link between them. Will Kairav be able to reunite his parents?

YRKKH Written Updates (12th July)

In Friday's episode, we see that Manish and Kartik have a talk. Manish blames Kartik that he is responsible for Dadi's condition. He says that it's due to worrying so much for Kartik that Dasi is such a state.

He then explains Kartik that he should move on in his life as Naira is dead and she can never return. He tells Kartik to marry Vedika and begs him to save Dadi's life. Meanwhile, Naira tells Kairav that they will be going to Udaipur and she also books the bus ticket. Kairav gets extremely happy and excited on hearing this and tells her that she is the best mom.

Kartik then spends some time alone where he misses Naira and thinks that all this wouldn't have happened if Naira would have been there. He then sees Akhilesh and Samarth heading hurriedly towards Dadi's room and joins them.

The doctor tells them that there is no other option left than performing surgery and there are little chances of the surgery to be a success. Vedika then tells everyone to think positive. She takes care of everyone and encourages Kartik.

Naira, on the other hand, is in thought that what will happen when he will return to Udaipur. She wonders that Kartik will be so glad when he will know that Kairav is his son but what if he does not accept him.  Later, Naksh and his family arrive at the hospital.

They all are very worried about Dadi and ask what has happened to her. Vedika handles Bhabhi Maa and informs her that Dadi had a heart attack. Nash advises Kartik that it has been five years since Naira died and now Kartik should move on in life.

Upcoming Story:

In the promo of Monday’s episode, we see that Kartik tells Vedika that he has lost many people in life and that has taught him the value of the people he has. He, therefore, does not want to lose anyone else. He tells Vedika to marry him and hearing this Vedika looks at him in surprise.

In the coming episodes we will see that under the guilt that Dadi is suffering due to him, Kartik agrees to marry Vedika. He asks Vedika to marry him. But Naira will return to Udaipur with Kairav but on hearing about Kartik’s marriage with Vedika, she will be shocked and will assume that Kartik has moved on in his life and she should not return to his life.

What turn will this story take now? Now that Naira has finally gathered the strength to return to Udaipur, will Kartik’s decision to marrying Vedika again break Naira’s courage? Will Kartik and Vedika really get married?

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