Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story 11th July, Written Update-YRKKH

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the Star Plus daily soap tells the complicated love story of Kartik and Naira who face many ups and downs and face many tough situations for each other and for their family.

Kartik and Naira are again away but their son Kairav has become a link between them. Will Kairav be able to reunite his parents?

YRKKH Written Updates:

In Wednesday’s episode, we see that Naira and Kartik are in the same room. The thunderstorm is at its peak and there is complete darkness.

Naira lights a torch but she is still not visible. However, Kartik sees her in the little light and has this feeling that she is Naira but then sheds off this thought from his mind. He uses Naira’s landline to call Akhilesh. Lightning occurs and Kartik sees Naira’s reflection in a mirror.

But he assumes that he is dreaming and removes the thought that there there is Naira in the room. He thanks her and was about to leave but just then Kairav awakes and Kartik goes to him and gets him to sleep again.

He apologizes to Naira for all the trouble she had due to him and assures her that he will never come back. Naira gets emotional on hearing this but somehow hides her emotion. Kartik leaves for his hotel where Akhilesh is still wondering if he really saw Naira.

Meanwhile, in Udaipur, Vedika is deeply engrossed thinking about Dadi’s words when Swarna comes to comfort her and she appreciates Vedika’s maturity and thoughtfulness while Dadi sits in her room and remembers the day of Naira’s death. She is worried thinking about the guruji’s words that Kartik should marry soon else he will have to face trouble in his life.

The next morning Kartik and Akhilesh return from Goa. Kartik seems to be in a happy mood. He asks about Dadi’s whereabouts to which Swarna says that she must have gone to the temple to which a staff informs that Dadi has not come out of her room since morning and has not even eaten anything.

Vedika gets worried that Dadi is perhaps hurt by her words but Swarna comforts her by saying that even if this is the case, Kartik will be able to pacify her. Kartik goes to Dadi’s room and calls for her but to his surprise, he sees her lying on the floor.

He panics on seeing his grandma in such a state and shouts out to call all the family members. Everyone is worried about seeing Dadi and suddenly Dadi gets unconscious.

YRKKH Upcoming Story:

In the promo of the Thursday’s episode, we see that Liza gets a message that says something about Kartik Goenka. Naira reads the message and gets worried. We then see Kartik in a hospital thinking about Dadi while on the other hand, Naira remembers Dadi’s words that it was her last wish to see Naira and Kartik’s son and that she does not want to die without seeing her great-grandson.

In the next episode, we will see that the Goenka family takes Dadi to the hospital where she is not in a good state. Kartik is worried about her. Naira also gets the news and is reminded of Dadi’s last wish. She thinks that she should take Kairav to meet her.

Will Naira return to her family on hearing about Dadi’s illness? Or will Kartik agree to marry Vedika for Dadi’s happiness? Will this tragedy prove to be good by reuniting Kartik and Naira or is there more trouble awaiting?

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