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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th July : Upcoming Story, Kartik and Naira are again away


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the Star Plus daily soap revolves around Kartik and Naira, two lovers who have faced lots of highs and lows in their lives. Every time they solve a thing to set everything fine, life puts them in another challenge.

Kartik and Naira are again away but their son Kairav has become a link between them. Will Kairav be able to reunite his parents?

Written Update:

In today’s episode, we see that Kairav records a video of Nairs’s dance. Naira gets hurt while dancing and Kairav takes care of him.

Kaairav sys that now they will go to Udaipur only after Naira’s wound gets healed. Meanwhile, the priest tells that the marriage should take place after 15 minutes. Swarna tells that they should wait for a little more but Dadi doesn’t agree.

Kartik was seeing Naira’s old dance video when Vedika goes to call him. Vedika tells him about the marriage date and asks him to everyone that he needs more time. Elsewhere in Goa, Liza asks Naira about going to Udaipur. Naira tells her that she will not go to Udaipur now.

She says that Kartik has moved on and he considers her dead so she should also move on in life. Kartik goes to Dadi’s room where he finds her discussing the marriage.

Everyone tells her to rest but she is too excited about the marriage. Kartik agrees to get married in fifteen days. Dadi gets happy on hearing this.

Kartik promises Vedika that he will try his best from his side. Kaira misses Kartik. She takes out Kartik’s photo and thinks that now she will never get back in his life.

She puts the photo in a bottle. Kairav calls Kartik but Kartik does not answer the call as he had promised naira that he will stay away from Kairav. Vansh talks to Samarth but Samarth does not pay attention to his talks. Gayu sees this and questions him but Samarth ignores her.

Naira sees a pamphlet of a dance interview and decides to take part in it. That interview is organized by Kartik in the Akshara Dance academy. Naira decides to go to Delhi. When Liza asks her, she tells that she is doing for her passion that is the dance.

Vedika misses his dead dad and cries when Bhabhi maa pacifies her.  Bhabhi maa tells her that they will act as Vedika’s family. Kartik sees this and thinks that all have moved on and he should move on as well.

Upcoming Story:

In the promo of the next episode, we see that both Naira and Kartik’s family are celebrating some celebration where all are dancing. Both Naira and Kartik miss each other. Swarna tells him that he should move on now.

What turn will Naira’s decision take? Will the dance academy bring them together? Or will Kartik really marry Vedika?

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