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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is an Indian Hindi TV series which is based on Manju Kapoor's novel "Custody". The serial has gained much popularity over the years and always managed to be on top of the list.

The story revolves around two different people Ishita Iyer a dentist and Raman Bhalla, a CEO of Bhallas industries. Ishita comes closer to Raman because of his daughter Ruhi. The story is a mix of mother-daughter love and an ideal woman who can conquer every situation. They have their own set of ups and downs to make their love story to be idealised. The show has currently reached up to 397 episodes. Yet, more to come.

In the upcoming episode:

Raman's life is in much danger as Arijit raise the level of drug dose. What is Arijit up to? What are his intentions to hurt the Bhalla family?

Written update of 24th July

In the previous episode, Aliya, Yug Karan and Ruhi decide to fake a fight in front of Arijit to get an idea of his motive. In today's episode, they executed their plan while putting up a fight. Ruhi invites Arijit to have lunch with them as Aliya has prepared the lunch.

Later, Karan slams Aliya for putting too much salt in the food. Aliya justifies her actions. Though, the fight was fake to reach up to Arijit's intensions. Later Aliya and Ruhi takes over and started blaming each other.

Mani tries to control the situation and ask them to behave like adults while Arijit was happy inside seeing a mess like this. He stated that this situation is a bit embarrassing for him as it is their family matter and leaves. While Yug, Karan Aliya and Ruhi cheer up as their plan got well executed.

Mani goes after Arijit yo apologise for the misconduct happened between them. While Arijit's fakes take it gradually. Mani then, asks have lunch with him.

On the other hand, Mihika smells a foul Paly. Dr Sunita's behaviour troubles her thoughts. She observed that Dr Sunita knows about Ishita's whereabout but hiding it. Later both Simmi and Mihika decides to go to the office to discuss the situation with others.

Karan and Ruhi are ready to put another fake discussion in front of Arijit. They start talking about Yug and his behaviour as Arijit's walk-in.

Arijit is happy seeing them fighting and thinks it will be easy for him to break them. Later, Arijit apologizes for overhearing their conversation and add fuel to the topic saying that he does not like Yug that much and Karan deserves better than this project and position. He later offers a position in his project and asks him to head is sole. Karan and Ruhi are assured that there is some motive behind his well Behaviour.

Simmi and Mihika reached office and tells the whole situation which makes them worry more. They all are ready to do a background check for Arijit as his genuine behaviour is not acceptable anymore.

On the other hand, Ishita's condition drops down. Dr Sunita panics and tries to bring Ishita back to life. Whole Arijit is furious at her.

In the upcoming episode

In the promo of the upcoming episode, it has shown that Raman's life will be in much danger as Arijit increase the dose of the drug. It has shown that his anger is on another level and tears roll down to his cheeks.

In the upcoming episode, it is possible that he disclose his hatred towards the Bhalla family and probably to Raman and Ishita. To know more about the upcoming high voltage drama stay hooked to Yeh Hai Mohabbatein every Mon-Fri at 10:30 pm only on Star plus and anytime on Hotstar.


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