Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Upcoming Story 29 July, Written Update


Written update of 26 July:

Karan and Ruhi raid Arijit's house to get a clue about his past life. While they tried every inch of it but couldn't get any hint. Both Karan and Ruhi tries to find a hint to expose him but gets nothing. They were close to getting a clue about Raman's whereabout but fails to encounter him.

Meanwhile, Simmi and Mihika are in a fuss whether Ishita is in the asylum or not. While Yug decides to investigate her presence in the hospital. He goes to the hospital to check whether Ishita is still in the asylum or left where he found no clue about her. Dr Sunita saw Yug at the hospital but couldn't gather the courage and effort to tell him the truth. Yug informs everyone that Ishita is not in the asylum where everybody thinks she must be in a safe zone.

Arijit, on the other hand, comes to take Ishita away from the hospital as everyone from her family keeps coming to the hospital asking her whereabouts. Dr Sunita asks Arijit how did he know that Yug came to the hospital to which he replied that he had paid the void boy to keep an eye on everything. While he takes away Ishita from the asylum. He orders his man to take her to a place where no one can find her. Yug is all emotional about his mother Ishita. While his wife Aliya consoles him with her love. Meanwhile, Ishita gains conscious.

In the upcoming episode.

In the promo of the upcoming episode, it has shown that Ishita has gained conscious and calls Yug to inform him about her whereabouts. While everybody in the family knows where Ishita is. Arijit is shocked to see that everybody knows where Ishita is and gets furious. He thinks that somebody has double-crossed him.

He takes an oath that he will not let his plan and efforts go in vain and will make sure to take his revenge. What revenge? Who is Arijit and what did Raman and Ishita do to him that he is taking such revenge on them. Each part of the story will unfold in the upcoming episodes. To know more stay hooked to Yeh Hai Mohabbatein every Mon-Fri at 10:30 pm only on Star plus and anytime on Hotstar.


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