Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Upcoming Story 26 July, Written Update-YHM


Written Update of 25 July:

Arijit threats Dr Sunita that if she doesn't revive Ishita back to life. He will kill her daughter. Dr. Sunita is curious to know about Arijit's intentions behind all the rants. Bhallas and Iyers are preparing to donate clothes for flood relieved victims. While Karan and Ruhi are on their mission to trap Arijit. They are waiting for Arijit to come to the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Arijit goes back to his ugly past. His eyes are all tears up with anger. While he increases the level of drug in Raman's body. Karan and Ruhi wait for Arijit at a restaurant but he doesn't show up. Karan calls Arijit to know his whereabouts. Arijit texts Karan that he is not well and couldn't be able to join them for dinner. Ruhi and Karan are tensed as their plan to trap Arijit seem to fall down. Ruhi suspects something fishy and suggests Karan that they should go to his place. As they can confirm the whole situation on their own.

Arijit has kept is life away too secretive and is impossible for Karan and Ruhi to get his address. Ruhi calls Yug and asks him if he has Arijit's address he tells them he doesn't have but will figure. Later, Mani gets his address after a lot of hustle. Ruhi and Karan leave to meet Arijit while Mani smells something suspicious. He tells Yug and Aliya that it's wired that a person living in this generation is this much secretive and none of us knows anything about his personal life.

Ruhi and Karan are at Arijit's doorstep while he is enjoying Raman watching almost half dead. The bell rings and Arijit decides not to open the door as whoever it is will leave after a while. But, the bell kept ringing. Arijit leaves the room to see to is at the door and gets shocked to see Ruhi and Karan outside. He decides not to open the door as Ruhi and Karan will think he is not inside. Karan calls Arijit and the phone rings inside which made their assumption right that Arijit is inside. They kept ringing the bell. While Raman loses his control because of the overdose of drugs.

After a while, he opens the door and pretended he was sleeping because of the medicines. While Ruhi asks him if he is alone she can call a doctor. Arijit makes excuses and says he'll be fine by tomorrow.

In the upcoming episode:

In the promo of the upcoming episode, it has shown that Karan and Ruhi raid Arijit's house. Karan insists that they will not leave until his fever falls down. While Karan breaks the door where Raman was a hostage.

It would be interesting to see that Karan and Ruhi are too close to Raman will they be able to find Arijit's foul play towards their family. To know more stay hooked to Yeh Hai Mohabbatein every Mon-Fri at 10:30 pm only on Star plus and anytime on Hotstar.


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