Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Upcoming Story 24 July, Written Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is an Indian Hindi TV series which is based on Manju Kapoor’s novel “Custody”. The serial has gained much popularity over the years and always managed to be on top of the list.

The story revolves around two different people Ishita Iyer a dentist and Raman Bhalla, a CEO of Bhallas industries. Ishita comes closer to Raman because of his daughter Ruhi. The story is a mix of mother-daughter love and an ideal woman who can conquer every situation. They have their own set of ups and downs to make their love story to be idealised. The show has currently reached up to 397 episodes. Yet, more to come.

Written Update of 23 July:

Arjun is suspicious when he sees Ishita’s phone in Arijit’s hand. While Arijit tries to bluff them and says that he carries two phones and he got confused. Arjun is even more suspicious about Arijit he tells Mani, Yog and Ruhi about his gut feeling towards him. While Mani claims that it might just be a coincidence of having the same model of the phone. Arjun is still not convinced and stuck at his point to doubt Arijit. Whereas Yug says that if he’s that suspicious about Arijit then let’s keep an eye on him. Later they decide to meet Ishita in the asylum to confirm her whereabouts.

Ruhi and Arjun went to see Ishita where they are informed by Dr Sunita that she had already left. Ruhi tries to explain her concern to Dr Sunita to which she replies that if they are doubting her loyalty then, they can go and check on their own. Arjun gets ready to have a check while Ruhi stops him from. doing so. She explains that there is no need to create a mess.

Arjun have a clear cut gut feeling towards Arijit. He finds him wired from day one. Later, Arjun , Yug, Ruhi and Aliya decides to trap Arijit to know what he is up to. They decide to put up a fake fight in front of Arijit in order to get a clue about his intentions. Later, they all plan a strategy to trap Arijit in their plan and to make him believe that they all are against each other.

Mani tells Ruhi that they need to postpone the Pooja date but, in such a way that it seems obvious and real to him. Arijit came and expresses his wish to meet Ishita while they tell him that he cannot meet Ishita but she is fine and she will be back home soon. Later, he asks for the pooja date to which Mani replies that Raman’s mother is not well and Ishita is still not home so it would be better if they can shift the date forward. Arijit reacts makes everyone suspicious. Later, Aliya came with lunch and they all bring there plan into action.

Meanwhile, simmi and Mihika went to see Ishita whereas Dr Sunita told her that she has left the hospital. Mihika’s concern fir Ishita makes her feel warm and she was about to tell her Ishita’s whereabout but, at the very moment, a clip pops up on to her computer and leaves the conversation saying that she has to attend a patient. While she leaves she throws a paper behind which contains Ishita’s name. Dr Sunita feels guilty for breaking Ishita’s trust. She apologies to her while injecting her a dose of the drug.

In the upcoming episode:

In the promo of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, it has shown that Dr. Sunita feels a bit of stiffness and cold temperature in Ishita’s body she panics and tries to calm her down. Whereas Arijit becomes restless seeing Ishita’s condition. He says that she cannot die like this. He will not let her die so easily. He will let her know her mistake before he kills her. While Dr Sunita asks him. What did Ishita do so wrong?

The upcoming episode is full of twist and thrills. Will Arjun be able to know Arijit’s truth? Will Ishita be able to save Raman’s life. To know more stay hooked to Yeh Hai Mohabbatein every Mon-Fri at 10:30 pm only on Star plus and anytime on Hotstar.


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