Manmohini Upcoming Story (8th July), Written Update, Cast

Manmohini Upcoming Story

Manmohini is a soap opera based on the supernatural theme on Indian television. It started airing on Zee TV on 27 November 2018 and is produced by Prateek Sharma and his production house LSD films. The popular TV show ek tha Deewana which used premiered on Sony Entertainment Television was also produced by this eminent production house.

The protagonist, Siya is played by Garima Singh while the negative lead role of Mohini is performed by Reyhna Malhotra and role of the male lead is performed by Ankit Siwach who is also known for his performances in other serials like Rishto ka Chakravyuh, Laal Ishq and Ishqbaaz. The serial portrays supernatural and paranormal themes combined with a typical dramatization of the story.

Manmohini Cast:

  • Ankita Siwach
  • Garima Singh
  • Reyhna Malhotra
  • Vandana Pathak
  • Abhimanyu Chaudhary
  • Neeta Mohindra

Manmohini Written Update

A 500 years old spirit of a woman named Mohini was in love with another man named Rana and still lingers around searching for her old love. She finds out that Rana is born again as Ram who is a business man living with his wife, Siya and his half brother, Vivian. Ram and Siya are about to break their marriage due to certain circumstances but Mohini is discovered by Sia and she changes her mind.

She decides to not divorce Ram as his life might be in danger because of the supernatural spirit Mohini and she should do her duty as a wife to save her husband. The show follows the struggles of Siya to save her husband from the evil spirit and the tactics used by Mohini to win over Ram.

Manmohini Upcoming Story (8th July):

Rana paces very fast behind Vanraj while Siya, who has taken the avatar of Kali tries to go behind them. But she is stopped by Daimaa who tells her that she must go before Mohini comes.

Soon Mohini enters and asks Daimaa about the whereabouts of Kali but Daimaa refuses to say the truth she simply tries to brush her off by saying that she might be somewhere nearby and interrogates her that if she had found her the shadow. Mohini says no and that she must use her black magic or ‘bhura jadu’ to discover her shadow.

Meanwhile, Rana runs behind Vanraj and follows him to the forest where Vanraj hides when he gets aware that Rana is following him. Rana keeps searching for him but suddenly Vanraj grips his neck and tries to strangle him from behind. Rana pushes him away and says that he doesn’t once any conflicts with him but his only motive is to find out about his relationship with Kali.

Vanraj ignores his words and tries to attack him again. Rana retaliates but Vanraj overpowers him and beats him mercilessly. Kali reaches there and tries to stop Vanraj but is pushed by him as he continued to beat Rana. Kali brings fire and since Vanraj is a tiger he gets scared of fire and becomes a wet cat shouting, and screaming, asking her to keep the fire away.

Meanwhile, Mohini says that she won’t use black magic and instead cuts her hand and it uses desert sand as that will take her to the shadow of Kali. She follows the sands which take her to room a deserted room but she is unable to find any shadow there she only sees a strange message on the floor which says ‘suswagatham’.

Suddenly her hands get chained while she begs Daimaa for help but Daima refuses to say that she had got her hands cut so she cannot help. Mohini starts disintegrating into the sand. Kali tries to take away Rana but Vanraj keeps on shouting and saying that whatever she was doing was wrong and threatening them that he will not spare Rana. Kali said that Vanraj is too difficult to get rid of and suggests that Mohini could be helpful to kill him but Rana doesn’t agree to take Mohini’s help. Vanraj gets up again and attacks Rana.

What will happen to Rana? What is actually the relation of Vanraj with Kali? Will Mohini survive this time? To find out, watch Manmohini at 7:30 PM on Zee TV. You can also watch on For written updates, keep following Awaaaz.


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