Kundali Bhagya: Upcoming Story 9th July, Written Update, Spoiler


In the upcoming episode: Biji to help Preeta in postponing the marriage. While Mahesh is aware of Sherlyn’s truth.

Written Update

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, it has been shown that Chachi’s is back in the Luthra's house with an intention to expose Sherlyn’s pregnancy. On the other hand, sarla fixes Preeta’s marriage within 3 days. Later in the episode. Mahesh goes to the detective agency which he hired to catch the kidnapper who knows Sherlyn’s truth.

He asks the kidnapper to reveal Sherlyn’s truth. On which he denies to accept the fact that he knows her. Mahesh tries to bribe the kidnapper in order to know the truth. He offers him money in exchange for truth but he is not ready to utter a word. On the other hand, Prithvi and Sherlyn celebrate some malicious deeds and plans to destroy Luthra’s.

Upcoming Story 

Preeta is in a mess right now and cant figures out her feelings for Karan. On the other hand, Biji to help Preeta on postponing the wedding with Prithvi. In return, she asks her to admit her feelings. Meanwhile, Karan confronts Sherlyn and tells her one day she will pay for her deeds. Whereas the kidnapper whose name is Raj finally decided to expose Sherlyn to Mahesh.

How will Mahesh to the truth? What will he plan further to expose Sherlyn? Moreover, what are Biji’s plan to postpone the wedding? Will she be able to do so? well, there is much more to think about. To binge upon the upcoming high voltage drama don’t forget to watch kundali bhagya every Mon-Fri 9:00 only on ZeeTV.


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