Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story (5th July), Written Update, Spoiler, Twist


Kundali Bhagya is an individual spin-off series to Kumkum Bhagya regarding the two sisters of Pragya- Preeta and Shrishti. Both of them come to know about the existence of their mother, Sarla and sister Pragya from their father on his death bed. This is a successful tv show, airing its 524th episode on 5th July 2019.

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Shrishti helps Preeta realize that she is in love with Karan. After this late realization dawns on her, she makes amends to help improvise her love life by trying to break her engagement to Prithvi. Sarla remains insistent and decides the date for their marriage, within three days.

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story & Written Update (05 July)

Preetha wakes up to a dream of Karan proposing her to marry her, only to find out that Prithvi is the guy she has to marry. Shrishti tries to talk some sense into her, however, she remains obstinate saying Karan is her friend and that sometimes, it may so happen best friends fall in love with each other.

Preetha says that Karan is more of a friend to her and that she will always love him. She continues saying that she values friendship more than love in her life. And hence she won't accept losing Karan's friendship only for her love. She says she will always choose Karan as a friend and she will always love her, but she cannot confide this in him as she is afraid he will not reciprocate, and eventually, their friendship would suffer.

On the other hand, Prithvi's family has arrived with the marriage Shagun ( a set of one or more gifts given to the girl/boy to materialize the talks into marriage ). Preetha tries to interrupt Sarla by saying that she doesn't want to marry and hence delay or postpone the marriage a little bit.

However, Sarla remains bent upon and accepts the Shagun hence declaring Prithvi's marriage to Preetha. Sarla also says that she is ready to get them into official wedding pyres within the next three days as those are the days suggested auspicious by Panditji. Sarla felt insulted after going to the Luthra family and complaining about Sherlyn, only to be backstabbed by the kidnapper.

Hence as an act of revenge, or maybe in a fit of anger, she takes this drastic step to fix, engage and marry Preetha to Prithvi, without respecting her wishes a bit. Will Preetha be able to inform Karan on time, so that he can take some drastic steps and propose her first?

However, Preetha has also sworn that she will never step foot into Karan's house, then how will she inform him? Moreover, what if Karan finds it insulting that Preetha chose Prithvi over him and apprehends this engagement in the wrong way?

Will Preetha and Karan never disclose their true feelings to each other? There are many ifs and buts surrounding Kundali Bhagya right now. And time will reveal it all. However, stay connected to this space to get the most recent updates of Kundali Bhagya.

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