Kundali Bhagya: Upcoming story 22 July, Written Update, Spoiler, Twist


Kundali Bhagya is a spin-off of the most popular TV show Kumkum Bhagya. Kundali Bhagya is airing its 529 episodes in latest which clearly means that the show has already won millions of heart.

The show revolves around two sisters Preeta and Srishti and who are the lost sisters of Pragya from Kumkum Bhagya. Both the sisters are pole apart and share a loving bond with each other. Preeta is calm, gentle and sweet where Srishti is an outspoken and bubbly character.

The story then shows a love triangle between Karan, Preeta and Rishabh. Karan Luthra the star kid of Luthar’ a family who shares a love-hate kind of bond with Preeta. While Rishabh will be attracted to Preeta. The show will be having its own ups and downs. The show has an engaging plot. Let’s see will it be able to create magic or not?

Written Update Of 19th July:

Everybody's is tensed from Mahesh's accident while Preeta decides to donate blood to Mahesh. Sherlyn is still on her mission to dispute Preeta reputation in front of Luthra's. She was again on her league to blame. Preeta while suddenly her phone rings. It was Prithvi who asks her to meet him immediately. Later he greets her with two news one good and one bad he asks which she wanted to hear first. She said well first. Prithvi tells her that Mahesh Luthra is gonna die soon. And the bad news is that Preeta is donating blood to Mahesh. Listen to this bad news Sherlyn gets furious at Prithvi and asks her why did he not stopped her. She is trying so hard to kill Mahesh and he can't even stop Preeta to not donate her blood.

Preeta on the other side doing her best to save Mahesh life. She asks the nurse not to tell anyone about the donor to which the nurse replied that she overheard their conversation and feels bad for Preeta. She even asks her to reveal her identity so that they can see the kindness behind her gesture. But, she refuses to do so and asks her to keep it a secret from the Luthra's.

Karan is in search of the nurse who is taking Preeta's blood. Karan immediate presence makes Sherlyn and Prithvi worried that if he sees Preeta donating blood two conditions might take place. Either he'll be impressed or he'll get furious. Sherlyn tries to stop him and engages him while he opens half of the ward door. Preeta sees him on the door and rushes to hide.

Later, Karan informs the nurse that he has found a donor to which she replies that, there is no need for more blood as someone has already donated their blood. Karan blesses that donor which in a way means he thanked Preeta. She even curses Preeta in an indirect way which hurts Preeta. He handover his lucky ball to the nurse and ask him to pass it to the donor as a token of gratitude from him.

Meanwhile, the doctor tells the Luthra's that Mahesh is stable now but is in a coma. He said that he had major head injuries which caused too much blood loss thankfully, he got a donor. He tried his best to save Mahesh's life and still doing his best but this is something he can't help with. He said it can take 1 day to come out from coma or it may take months and years also. Hearing such words broke everybody heart.

on the other hand, Sarla is searching Preeta everywhere while, suddenly Prithvi shows up with his fake concern and brainwashed Sarla and everyone about the incident. He reveals that Luthra's has again insulted Preeta. He reveals that Mahesh met with an accident which worries everyone but makes Sarla furious that her daughter had suffered everything again. Preeta comes back from the hospital and Sarla took the house on fire. She asks Preeta why did she go to the hospital when she clearly instructed him to stay away from Luthra's.

In the upcoming episode: 

In the promo of the upcoming episode, it has shown that Preeta surprises Luthra's by inviting them on her wedding. She had enough of all the insults and blame game. She met Karan, Rakhi and Dadi on the moment. She explains no matter what had happened it's her respect towards them and their family.

Everybody is shocked at the news and wonders if she's getting married to Prithvi or someone else. What is Preeta up to? Is this really a marriage or a way to trap Sherlyn. What will happen? Will Mahesh condition will go serious or will miracle happen? Will Preeta be able to expose Sherlyn or will she just marry and live her life in peace. To know more stay hooked to Kundali Bhagya every Mon-Fri at 9:30 pm only on ZeeTV and anytime on Zee5 app.


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