Kumkum Bhagya: Written Updates, Upcoming Story(15th July)


Kumkum Bhagya, the Zee TV daily soap has completed its 1410 episodes on Friday, 12th July 2019 and the 1411th episode will be aired on Monday 15th July 2019.

Abhi and Pragya are away and their daughters, Rhea and Prachi are unaware that they are sisters. In the show, Rhea is bent on the foul play while Abhi and Pragya long for each other.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update:

Friday's episode begins with Sarita and Pragya. Sarita tells Pragya to get ready. On being asked the reason she tells that Mr Mehra is coming to their place to talk to Pragya that's why. Pragya says that she does not want to meet him. Sarita informs her that she had called him because she was sad and missing her husband. According to Sarita, talking to him will make Pragya forget her pain. Pragya thinks that this is vague and tells Sarita to call Mr Mehra and tell him not to come. She says that she does not know him so why will she talk to him and also if she will ever want to share something, she can always share her with Prachi, Sarita or Sahana so Mr Mehra should not be troubled. On Pragya's insistence, Sarita pretends to call Abhi and tell her not to come. But when Abhi calls her, she asks him to come soon.

Meanwhile, at the party, Ranbir is still on his plan to win Prachi's heart so he takes juice for but Prachi refuses to take it from him and gives it to someone else. She also warns Ranbir to stay away from her and stop pretending to be a good man.

Elsewhere, Rhea gets jealous seeing Prachi praised by the family and rejoices thinking that soon she will be hated by everyone. Rhea had also texted Pragya and called her to the party so that she could also see Prachi getting arrested. Pragya decides to go to the party thinking that Rhea needs her help. But Rhea's friends had made a mistake of putting the drugs in Sahana's bag instead of Prachi's.

Police arrive at the party and Abhi and his friend tries to stop them from disturbing the party. But when all efforts fail, they agree to let them check everyone's bags.

Police demand all the bags to be brought to them and everyone present there lines up with their bags.

Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story

In the promo of the next episode, we see that police try to arrest Prachi for finding drugs in her bag but Abhi protects her saying that Prachi cannot do such a crime. To this, the police say that such innocent girls are very easily involved in such cases as no one suspects them due to their innocence. Prachi looks helplessly at Abhi.

In the next episode, we will say that Rhea’s foul step to put Prachi in trouble. Police arrive on Rhea’s call and arrest Prachi for finding drugs in her bag.  Rhea rejoices at this thinking that now Prachi will get arrested and so she won’t be there to trouble her at her home or at the college. Rhea is very happy seeing Prachi getting arrested while Prachi is too worried and shocked. She tells Abhi that she has not done anything wrong. Abhi tries to protect her but the police ignore him.

Will Pragya reach there on time? Will Rhea succeed in her mean intentions? Will someone be able to save Prachi? And will Abhi and Pragya really talk? And if they do, will they reconcile?

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