Kumkum Bhagya: Written Updates, Upcoming Story (10th July)

Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story

The Zee TV daily soap, Kumkum Bhagya is the love story of Abhi Pragya who have a complete family but still aren’t together. The serial has successfully completed its 1407 episodes on Tuesday, 9tyh July and the 1408th episode will be streamed on 10th July 2019. Know how this family solves its issues and comes together.

Written Update (9th July 2019)

 In today’s episode, we saw that Ranbir’s father announces that Ranbir will take over his broadcasting business at the part. Everyone is happy with this news but his father admits to Abhi that he will keep an eye on Ranbir so that he does nothing wrong in the business.

After the announcement, Rhea takes Ranbir to the terrace and loses her temper on seeing people there. She then tells the people to leave some private space for her and her boyfriend.

Hearing Rhea calling him her boyfriend, Ranbir gets happy but Rhea suddenly tells him that she is breaking up with him. Ranbir tries to know the reason but Rhea walks away furiously from there and Ranbir follows her.

Ranbir tries to stop Rhea but Prachi sees all this and assumes that Ranbir is troubling Rhea. In order to save Rhea from Ranbir, Prachi puts her feet in between on which Ranbir stumbles. Ranbir gets furious and chases Prachi.

They have an argument where Prachi tells Ranbir that she does not like him at all. Ranbir’s mom comes there and Prachi escapes. Meanwhile, Meera accepts that she loves Abhi but expects nothing in return. She respects the love Abhi has for Pragya and accepts her fate that she can never be loved by Abhi. At the party, Ranbir is looking for a chance to teach Prachi a lesson.

He takes Prachi to a room and tells her to stop interfering in his personal life. He threatens her that if she continues intervening in his life, he will marry her forcefully and she will have to suffer her whole life. Ranbir says this in Prachi ears.

Rhea sees this but she couldn’t hear the conversation. She completely misunderstands the entire thing. Ranbir goes after her again but they have3 an argument. Rhea gets angry that Ranbir had gone to the camp for Prachi and had proposed her. To which Ranbir says that he had proposed her after the camp.

Upcoming Story

In the promo of the next episode, we see that Pragya is missing Abhi and couldn’t control her tears. Dadi sees her tears and asks her the reason but Pragya says that she is completely fine and is just trying to change her mood. To this Dadi tells her that she can change her mood by talking to her as well and this way she won’t miss her husband much.

Also, Will Pragya prepare her mind to meet Abhi? Will the rift between Prachi and Rhea get sorted or will increase more due to Ranbir in the picture? Will they be able to live as one happy family?

To know what turn the fate of this family will take, stay tuned with Kumkum Bhagya that airs every Monday to Friday on Zee TV at 9 PM. You can also watch the show and all the previous episodes on Zee5. For the daily written episodes, follow up with us on www.awaaaz.com.