Kumkum Bhagya: Written Update, Upcoming Episode (19th July)


Kumkum Bhagya, the Zee TV daily soap has completed its 1414 episodes on Thursday, 18th July 2019 and the 1415th episode will be aired on Friday 19th July 2019.

Written Update

In today's episode, we see that Pragya decides to wait outside the police station for Prachi. She promises Prachi that she will go home only when she will be able to take her back home with her. Sahana tells her that she will also wait with her but Pragya sends her home. Sahana, however, promises to be back early in the morning.

Pragya sees a drunk man been taken in the police station. She worries about Prachi and tells a female constable to keep him away from her. In the hospital, Purab thins of how messed up his life, Aaliya loves him but he loves Disha.

Aaliya tells him not to top leave her alone. Aaliya wakes up and starts panicking when she doesn't see Purab around her. The doctor calls him and tells him that Aaliyah needs care and love from him and only then she can recover.

Meanwhile, Abhi returns disappointed from the lawyer's house. Vikram tells him that they will go to another lawyer tomorrow. Abhi tells him that he is going to the police station. Vikram and Ranbir offer to accompany him but Abhi sends them home.

In the police station, Abhi sees Pragya sitting with her head down on a bench and crying. Abhi thinks of talking to her but then backs off. He assumes that she must be having someone arrested in the police station that's why she is crying. He puts a handkerchief beside her and enters the police station. Pragya finds the handkerchief but couldn't see Abhi.

Upcoming Episode:

In the next episode, we will see that Prachi tells Abhi that her mom is outside the station and must be worrying for her. She requests him to talk to her and tell her that he will take Prachi out of jail. Abhi goes to talk to Pragya. Pragya is busy with her phone in a corner when Abhi searches for her.

Will Abhi meet Pragya? Will this trouble bring them together? Will they be able to get Prachi out of the lockup?

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