Kumkum Bhagya 16 July: Upcoming Story, Written Update, Spoiler

kumkum bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya, the Zee TV daily soap has completed its 1411 episodes on Monday, 12th July 2019 and the 1412th episode will be aired on Tuesday 16th July 2019.

Abhi and Pragya are away and their daughters, Rhea and Prachi are unaware that they are sisters. In the show, Rhea is bent on the foul play while Abhi and Pragya long for each other.

Written Update:

In today's episode, we see that the police are checking everyone's bag at the party. Rhea's friends had by mistake put the packet of drugs in Sahana's bag instead of Prachi's.

To rectify this, they make Sahana's bag drop and put the packet in Prachi's bag. Police find the packet in her bag. This leaves everyone in shock including Prachi. Abhi tries to save Prachi. He even starts to argue with the police.

Every one takes Prachi's side but the police pay no heed to anyone. In spite of all the pleading from Prachi, she gets arrested. Abhi starts crying but then runs to save her. He tells the police that Prachi is like her daughter. The police tell him to come to the police station.

Abhi tells Prachi not to worry and that he will come to save her. Police take Prachi to the police station. Meanwhile, Pragya calls Rhea and asks her what's wrong.

Before Rhea could tell her anything, her phone's battery dies. Rhea expresses her irritation to her friends that why was Abhi so worried about Prachi. At the police station, some media person record Prachi's video of getting arrested and telecast on the news channel.

Sarita and Disha see the news and try to contact Pragya but her phone comes unreachable. Abhi reaches the police station and gets surrounded by the media. He spots Pragya in a taxi and shouts her name. Pragya hears her name being called but couldn't see Abhi in the crowd and rain.


Upcoming Story

In the upcoming episode, we will see that the police have arrested as well with Prachi. Sahana calls Pragya to inform about the arrest. She tells her to come to the police station and do something. Pragya comes to the police station.

Will Pragya able to get Abhi and Prachi released? Being in the same police station, will Abhi and Pragya come face to face? Will Rhea's foul play get caught?

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