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Written update of 25th July:

Sonakshi is super tensed after knowing the truth, she continuously tries to call Rohit to tell about the same but Rohit ignores her call. After trying for the fourth time Rohit picks the call and asks her that nothing will change by calling him again and again. He will expose her and will bring out her truth no matter what. Rohit is devastated for what happened with Pooja. He continuously thinks about it.

Meanwhile, Deepa steps in and tells Rohit that his accusation is right about Sonakshi and even she thinks that Sonakshi is the culprit. While Rohit's brother says that they are stretching the topic way too much. While Rohit says he will not let this situation slide. Deepa is a lawyer and therefore suggests Rohit what step to take further. They both team up against Sonakshi.

Sumit is enjoying the misfortune. He is happy that Sonakshi is all blamed for the incident. Although he planned something else for her hut he was satisfied with whatever happened at the event. While the coordinator who conducted the misdeed and tells that the management will set up a board meeting to investigate the incident. Sumit asks her to calm down and to leave the city for a while. He also mentions not to call him again.

Sonakshi, on the other hand, tries everything to stop all the publication to not publish Pooja's news. She calls Nethra for help. Nethra tells her that she did everything which was in her hand but still she cannot stop small publication who are intended to publish such news. Sonakshi is worried about Pooja's safety and begs Nethra to do something. While Nethra suggests a name to Sonakshi. She tells he is the only one who can stop the small publication.

Sonakshi went to Ashish Mathre. The one who can stop the scandal from printing. According to Sonakshi he is a greedy person and can do anything for money. Therefore, she decides to go to him personally and ask for a favour. Sonakshi asks Ashish to stop the publication from printing the news. Ashish, on the other hand, is ready to stop the publication but at one condition. He asks Sonakshi to attend a family wedding as his natives admire her pretty much. Sonakshi is left with no choice and commit to his request.

Next day, Suman is super excited to see Praniti's photo on the first page while Sonakshi signs in relief as none of the newspaper contains Pooja's news. Suman gets furious at Sonakshi for worrying more than enough for Sippys. Sonakshi tries to explain that she is happy for Praniti but what happened with Pooja was devastating. Pulkit on the other hand, interrupted and says what if the misdeed happen to Praniti. Suman couldn't control her temper and slaps him. She said she knows that the misfortune was planned for Praniti but, she was lucky enough to get away with it. Meanwhile, Suman gets a call from an Ad agency for Praniti's first TV commercial.

Sippy's on the other hand, are relieved that, there is no news of Pooja in the newspaper. However, they wondered how all the small publication didn't print anything but none of the family members can get a hint that it was Sonakshi who stopped the news from printing.

In the upcoming episode:

In the promo of the upcoming episode, it has shown that Sonakshi is all in a mess. While Rohit insults him on the middle of the road. He blames her for everything all over again.

it seems like Rohit is still unaware of the fact that it was Sonakshi who stopped the publication from printing Pooja's news. He instead insults him. Sonakshi gets furious at him and gives him a reality check. Will Rohit will find the reality about the publication. What will happen if he knows that it was none other than Sonakshi? Will he apologise or will stay quiet. To know more about the upcoming episode, stay hooked to Kaha Hum Kaha Tum every Mon-Fri at 9:00 pm only on Star plus and anytime on Hotstar.


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