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Sonakshi Rastogi and Rohit sippy are two different personalities with a different perspective. Unaware of the fact that they are destined to be together.

Sonakshi is a popular TV actress, kind sweet and full of life. Her world is all about fiction and creating magic. Whereas, Rohit is a cardiologist, calm and practical towards everything. He keeps his thinking straight to logic and science. Totally passionate in their own field they both are heartbroken and hold an ugly part of their life. They met on a conflict which will be the bond of their relationship.

Written Update of 23 July

The show is on and contestants are dazzling on stage with their charm. Sonakshi and Rohit get into another mild conflict regarding the incident that happened earlier. Seems their fights are the build-up of their story. Sonakshi thanks Rohit for saving her at that moment also she apologies for the argument that happened regarding who will win the show.

Later, the contestants are requested to go for the first round which was the question-answer round. The finalist is selected out of five contestants. Pooja, Dolly and Praniti are the finalists. The finalists are then requested to be prepared for the final round which is the ramp walk.

Everybody rushes to their respective dressing room to get ready. While Praniti notices a spot on her dress she tried to clean her Gown but the spot did not remove. A panicked Praniti calls for help where her eyes get stuck on Pooja's gown and without wasting a moment she exchanged her gown with Pooja. Which also means that the gown which was destructed by the coordinator on Sumit's demand is now to be worn by Pooja instead of Praniti.

Meanwhile, Dolly eye-witnessed Praniti exchanging her gown with Pooja. Later Pooja comes to take her gown to get ready but Dolly didn't utter a word.

All three contestants are ready to walk the ramp. While their family members cheer for them. All the contestants one by the other took over the ramp. The moment Pooja walks on the ramp her gown fall off. Everyone is shocked and stunned whereas Sonakshi comes and hug Praniti in order to cover her. Later she was taken to the green room.

Pooja is in a miserable condition where she is crying and screaming out of pain and embarrassment. Sonakshi tries to meet Pooja but Rohit says that none of my family members would like to meet you or your family at this moment. He asks her to leave as it's his family matter and he will take care of that. He even asks the management team to not let anyone in.

On the other hand, the event manager decided not to hold the show and continued with the left contestants. Later it was announced that the winner of the fashion show is Praniti Rastogi. Sonakshi is happy but at the same time cannot express her happiness due to Pooja's incident.

Everyone in Sippy family consoles Pooja that it's just an accident and it could have happened with anyone but she states that it's not just an incident but someone has intentionally done that. She also accuses Sonakshi of the misdeed as she herself has witnessed her gown in Sonakshi's hand. Later Sonakshi comes to meet Pooja while Rohit slams her with the accusation.

In the upcoming episode:

In the promo of the upcoming episode of Kaha Hum Kaha Tum Rohit and Sonakshi gets into a huge fight where both blames each other for the misdeed happened to Pooja.

On the hand, Praniti confesses the truth of exchanging her dress with Pooja which shocks Sonakshi. She calls Rohit to tell the truth but he refuses to hear anything from him. What twist will take the story now? Will Sonakshi be able to find the truth behind the whole scene. Will Sumit mask will be unveiled from the situation. To know more stay hooked to Kaha Hum Kaha Tum every Mon-Fri at 9:00 pm only on Star plus and anytime on Hotstar.


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