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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Upcoming Story

Sonakshi Rastogi and Rohit sippy are two different personalities with a different perspective. Unaware of the fact that they are destined to be together.

Sonakshi is a popular TV actress, kind sweet and full of life. Her world is all about fiction and creating magic. Whereas, Rohit is a cardiologist, calm and practical towards everything. He keeps his thinking straight to logic and science. Totally passionate in their own field they both are heartbroken and hold an ugly part of their life. They met on a conflict which will be the bond of their relationship.

Upcoming Episode:

Sonakshi is in a complete fuss situation. Where Suman tells her that she has to perform at Parineeti's fashion event.

Written update of 16th July:

Rohit makes Sonakshi laugh. Rohit humiliates Sumit for making fuss onset and for misbehaving with the crew. He makes changes in some scene and therefore, sends a male actor disguised in a female nurse attire for a scene. Sumit gets trapped and tries to hit on the male actor thinking of her being a female. He compliments his acting skills and promises her to cast as a lead. When Sumit tries to get closer to the nurse, the wig came out and so does the truth.

Everyone laughs at the moment where Sumit is disgusted. He thinks that Sonakshi has some say in the whole incident while Rohit comes up and reveal that it was his plan and Sonakshi has nothing to do with it.

Rohit thought that this is the end of their war and he makes a move to be friends with Sonakshi. Where Sonakshi gives him a reality check and says just because she laughed on the incident doesn't mean she has forgotten everything. She will never accept how his family insulted her mother. Rohit, at the same time, gets furious too and says he will not be apologetic anymore.

Later Sonakshi talks to the camera and expresses her happiness on getting one day leave from the shooting after the while 1 month. She decides what she will do for the whole day.

Veena and Sukhmini are enjoying their me time and having a gala time over whine and retro talks.

Sonakshi gets back from the shoot where she notices that Parineeti's picture on the front page. She screams out of excitement and congratulates her for being a finalist at a fashion show. On the other hand, the coordinator of the fashion show event contacts Sumit to judge the show where he decides to take revenge on Sonakshi. He is probably gonna judge the show hypocritically and will raise his judgement against Parineeti. While everybody's at Sippys house are busy planning Pooja Sippys fashion show as she is also one of the final consistent of the show.

Meanwhile, Pooja and Pari who are already against each other get into a heated argument. Where both blame each other for some reasons.

Upcoming Episode of KHKT:

Sumit will play a false game against Sonakshi to take his revenge. While Suman is excited as Sonakshi gets an offer to perform at Parineeti's event. She further says that it's a deal of 12 Lacks which left Sonakshi stunned as her mother always put money before her.

Parineeti is aware that Sumit will be judging the show. She asks Sonakshi to talk to him for her benefits which left Sonakshi shocked. In the upcoming episode, we might witness a false play by Sumit in actions to fulfil his wish. Also, Rohit might recall his past incident as per a scene where he calls a lady and the lady asks him not to call her again.

What will happen in the upcoming episode? What measures will Sonakshi take? Is she going to talk to Sumit or will she put her dignity first?

To catch the upcoming drama watch Kaha Hum Kaha Tum every Mon-Fri at 9:00 pm only on Star plus and anytime on Hotstar.


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