Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Upcoming Story 15 July, Written Update-KHKT

KHKT upcoming story

Sonakshi Rastogi and Rohit sippy are two different personalities with a different perspective. Unaware of the fact that they are destined to be together.

Sonakshi is a popular TV actress, kind sweet and full of life. Her world is all about fiction and creating magic. Whereas, Rohit is a cardiologist, calm and practical towards everything. He keeps his thinking straight to logic and science. Totally passionate in their own field they both are heartbroken and hold an ugly part of their life. They met on a conflict which will be the bond of their relationship.

In the upcoming episode: 

Rohit is on the mission to seek Sonakshi's apologies.

KHKT Written Update (12 July)

Today's episode started with a conflict between Sumit ; (the one who's playing opposite lead against Parvati in the show). and Sonakshi. Rohit came to her set with a bouquet to seek Sonakshi's apology but Sonakshi is in no mood to forgive Rohit. Sumit smells something nasty and taunts Sonakshi for the same, to which Sonakshi replied everything that is happening is because of him. If he doesn't gift her the watch in the past that was a stolen material she would be living happily. Nethra tells Rohit that it is not easy for Sonakshi to forget that incident. Whereas Rohit feels responsible for her heartbreak. Later Rohit asks for Nethra's help to get and an apology from Sonakshi.

Nishi and Yk had a fight over their marital affairs. The conversation was overheard by their daughter Pooja which left her heartbroken. Veena at the same time scolds Nishi and YK for stretching one topic for so long.

Later, Sonakshi is back from her shoot and sees her mother still hanging in the trauma. Sonakshi tries to console her mother but it is partially impossible for her. Suman is terrified and embarrassed from the whole incident happened in the past. Her mother unfolds some ugliest memories from her past that, how she held all her three children all alone being a single mother fighting all odds against society. When their father left them in the middle of nowhere. Suman takes a promise from Sonakshi that she'll never forgive sippys.

KHKT Upcoming Story (13 July)

Nethra tries to help Rohit for Sonakshi's apology. She asks him if he can lend his Hospital for one shoot. Sonakshi is furious and rejects to shoot in the hospital. On the other hand, Pulkit wants to intern with Dr Rohit for his further medical preparation. To which Sonakshi acts ruthlessly and replied that he should not forget what sippys had done. Sonakshi turns down the idea.

Whereas, Rohit is all determined and ready to do every possible thing to seek Sonakshi's apology. They say, when there is will there is a way. Will Rohit be able to achieve his goals. Will Sonakshi be able to forgive Rohit. What turn will their journey take now?

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