Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Upcoming Story 12th July, Written Update-KHKT

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Upcoming Story

Main Highlight of the upcoming story

Sonakshi takes a hard decision. Rohit feels guilty and seeks apologies from Sonakshi.

Written Update of Today's Episode:

Rohit brings Nishi to the police station to clear up all the mess that she had created. Nishi takes down the complaint and gets into the conflict with the officer on duty. Rohit somehow manages the situation. Sonakshi takes a breath of satisfaction as Suman is out of the situation. At the same time, Suman feels devastated from the event happened earlier.

Rohit asks Nishi to apologise to Suman but, rather apologizing she throws tantrum and left the very moment without apologizing to Suman. Sonakshi is disappointed in Rohit as she thinks he is the one behind the whole mess. Rohit tries to explain the situation but Sonakshi Denise to listen to a single word and bid him a goodbye saying she never wants to see him again. She also says that she is guilty that she met a person like him.

On the other hand, everyone in the sippy family criticizes Nishi for her wrongdoing. Nishi is still in her arrogance. Everyone asks Nishi to apologise to Suman on which she gets furious and leaves the conversation.

Meanwhile, Suman is devastated as she is embarrassed about the whole situation. She recalls her ugly past at the same time. Sonakshi tries to console her. Rohit is still feeling guilty for the whole situation and decides to apologise to Sonakshi at any cost.

 Upcoming Story of KHKT.

Suman asks Sonakshi not to forgive sippys at any cost. Whereas Rohit is on the set to apologise to Sonakshi. Later, Rohit seeks Naitra and tells her about her insecurity. He further adds that he feels responsible for the whole situation and is restless. Later, he asks Naitra to help him with the situation.

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