Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Upcoming Story 10th July, Written Update-KHKT


Suman is in a tight spot, A trouble awaits for Rastogi family as Nishi seeks revenge from Sonakshi's mother Suman.

Written Update

In today's episode, Rohit is on the set where Sonakshi is shooting for her show. Later an incident happens on the set and Sonakshi is rescued by Rohit. Sonakshi shows gratitude towards Rohit. Later everybody on the set calls Sonakshi by her character name which triggers Rohit. He asks all the crew member, not to forget that it is just a character and her name is Sonakshi. She has a life out of the TV show. He requests everyone to call her by her name and not by her character name.

Sonakshi is overwhelmed by Rohit's warm gesture. Later Rohit lends his jacket to Sonakshi as she was wet during her shoot. Also adds a pun that he wants his jacket back.

Sonakshi came back to her home where her mother seems furious because of that one check missing. She asks Sonakshi where did the check go? and where did she spend such a huge amount of money? On which she says that she has refunded the sippys money.

KHKT Upcoming Story

In the upcoming episode, Suman will be furious with Sonakshi's daring move. Later Nishi plays a game and seeks an act of revenge on Suman by sending the police at Sonakshi's resident. Sonakshi panics and asks the officer who did the complaint and why are they taking Suman with her. On which the officer the complaint has been done by sippys. Sonakshi is shocked and furious at the same time.

What will Sonakshi do now? Is this incident will create another misunderstanding between Rohit and Sonakshi? To binge upon the upcoming high voltage, drama stays tuned to Kaha Hum Kaha Tum. Only on Star plus and Hotstar


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