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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT): Upcoming Story (30th July) Written Update

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum

KHKT Written update of  29th  July

Sonakshi gets furious and gets into a hatred conversation with Sumit, on the other hand, she was stunned by the action of Rohit

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum
Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum

Today’s episode started where Sonakshi is very furious at Sumit and accused him in front of everyone on the set as she puts her doubt that whatever happens with Pooja is because of him only. She said that she knows Sumit very well from inside out as she is portraying the role of her wife in the serial from about three years.

On which Sumit warns Sonakshi for uttering rubbish and for committing the cheap behaviour with him. Where in turn Sonakshi accused Sumit that she will get her real face out in front of everyone so that she can’t do such unhealthy activity with any another other girls. Whereas in return to this Sumit slams Sonakshi and warns her that if she will do something he will do more worse than it.

Meanwhile, they both are making allegations on each other Ms.Netra interrupts in between and told them to remain calm and compose and ask them to come for the meeting urgently. Sonakshi supports Netra and tell that it is her personal problem so she will deal it with Sumit afterwards.

After that everyone proceeds for the meeting where Netra told everyone about their decreasing TRP of the show because of certain reasons and tell them about the show that is coming soon at the same time slot as theirs with very famous actress who is joining back the industry after 2 years and told that the story of the show is even very good so to give them neck to neck competition they have to shoot 2 scenes again.

On which Sumit said at least give me some interesting role so that people will watch your show rather than depicting me in gust giving tea to my father or something else. Listening to this Netra replies sarcastically that even she should tell the story of the next 16 episodes to him?

On the other hand YK came to meet Rohit and told her that by mistake he has told Nishi Bua that Pooja is not her daughter listening to which Rohit lost his senses and vomit out his anger at YK very badly, YK told that after the fashion event everything is going wrong on which Rohit agrees and blames Sonakshi and his family for everything and told that he knew and have made a solution to get rid of the problem.

Sonakshi’s mom gets angry after hearing that Sippy’s are making them responsible for everything that happens with Pooja and decided to clear it out. Meanwhile, a courier came for them with court stamp after which everyone in the house got stunned.

When Sonakshi returns to home after shooting she found that everyone is in dark and quiet she asked for the reason so her mom gave her that court stamps order in which she was surprised and shocked to see that Rohit has filed a defamation case against them and as a compensation they have to give 15 crores on which Sonakshi can’t believe her eyes off that how Rohit can do it?

There we get to see a light environment beside these heavy scenes, the situation turns out quite funny at the time when Rohit is looking after one of his patients and he told Rohit that his daughter Snehal is perfect match for him, and when she asks Rohit  for his  personal number and he gives her assistance number to Snehal rather than his own is the lighter moment during the full episode.

Sonakshi asked her family lawyer Vikram Uncle to get rid out of the situation but he tells that they don’t have time as the hearing is next morning only and they don’t have enough time to do anything. Netra was also there who tells them that she has an idea to get out of the situation but that is somewhere melodramatic, Sonakshi’s mom is worried and tells them to do anything from which they can get out from this situation. Sonakshi told them they haven’t told the whole truth to Sippy’s family that took place during the fashion event.

While in between all this we get to hear the conversation of Rohit and his aunt who is the lawyer handing Pooja’s case saying that she needs to get punished for her action. In the next scene, we see that Pari get nervous and told that she won’t tell anybody that she has changed the clothes of Pooja with hers otherwise everyone will think that she is the culprit. Their mom too said no to Sonakshi.

Sonakshi gets angry and furious at this and tells her mom that telling truth is not easy to remember 26 September that day also you suppressed the truth of which we are facing the outcome even today. And finally, convince them that to get out from this situation they don’t have any other option than this. Now the point to be noticed here is the date 26 September that have changed their whole life now the whole suspense revolves around it of what actually took place on 26 September. The story behind this must be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

In The Upcoming Story

In the promo of the upcoming episode, it has shown that Sonakshi is completely in a fuss situation. Rohit seems to be no more interested in talking to her.

So she decided to meet her at his home. Where when Rohit get to know that Sonakshi has come to meet her he got stuck that how can one be so desperate.

Whereas Rohit is with his aunt who is handling the Pooja’s case. Now it’s interesting to see whether Rohit will talk to Sonakshi or the misunderstandings continues to grow between the two?

Will he give Sonakshi a chance to prove herself or not? Or whether this will lead to a devastating and turning point in their path? Will Rohit will get to know about the huge sacrifice done by Sonakshi for Pooja or not?

So to catch and to know more about the upcoming twist and turns stay tuned and hooked to Kaha Hum Kaha Tum every Monday to Friday 9:00 pm only on Star Plus and anytime on your favourite Hotstar app.



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