Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 18th July Upcoming story, Written Update-KHKT

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Upcoming Story

Sonakshi Rastogi and Rohit sippy are two different personalities with a different perspective. Unaware of the fact that they are destined to be together.

Sonakshi is a popular TV actress, kind sweet and full of life. Her world is all about fiction and creating magic. Whereas, Rohit is a cardiologist, calm and practical towards everything. He keeps his thinking straight to logic and science. Totally passionate in their own field they both are heartbroken and hold an ugly part of their life. They met on a conflict which will be the bond of their relationship.

In the upcoming episode:

Rohit will try to trace a number, a pass to be chased soon. Whereas Sonakshi and Rohit will get into an argument.

Written Update of 17th July.

A surprised morning awaits for Sonakshi as Suman gets a call from the fashion show coordinator Amrita. She wants Sonakshi to perform at the event. Whereas Suman demands a huge amount as a fee. Later, an excited Suman rushes to Sonakshi's room to tell her the good news but a sour start for Sonakshi instead. Sonakshi is in deep sleep while her mother wakes her up and asks her to get ready as she has to perform at the event.

She further adds that they are paying 12 lacks rupees as fees, which awaken Sonakshi both inside out. Her mother says that the amount would compensate both her deeds the money she refunded to Sippys and watch she returned to Rohit. Sonakshi is stunned but left with no choice either. She cancels all her plan which she made earlier to spend her one day holiday.

Veena and Narendra on a romance note. Narendra asks Veena to cut his nails as he is afraid of a nail cutter. A flunky moment between them takes place. Whereas, Veena expressing her emotion to Narendra for Rohit. She tells him that Rohit too needs a partner to share his emotions.

Nishi and YK had a moment. Nishi is worried about her daughter Pooja who is the finalist in a fashion show. She says that she would be heartbroken if she loses this competition. YK, on the other hand, consoles a worried Nishi that they would handle the situation whatsoever. Grand entry of sippy takes place as everybody gets ready to add more spark to the fashion show.

Sonakshi is practising her dance sequence while worrying about the same. She asks a coordinator if she can meet Parineeti. Later, Sumit saw Parineeti busy on a call. A humiliated Sumit is all set to put a foul paly. He is definitely going to showcase a biased judgement towards Parineeti in order to take revenge from Sonakshi.

While walking out after congratulating the other contestants Sumit and Parineeti run into each other. Sumit congratulates her and boosts her up. Of course, his concern is fake. Pooja witnesses that somehow made her worried.

An excited Parineeti comes to meet Sonakshi to express her emotions. Later she asks if she knows who is going to be in the judging panel to which Sonakshi is clueless. Parineeti mentions that it's Sumit Khanna who plays a lead role in the serial opposite Parvati. Sonakshi is shocked when Parineeti asks her to talk to him.

Sonakshi questions her. She explains that she had worked so hard to reach here, she does not need anyone's concern to win. This makes Parineeti furious and out of anger, she accuses her sister Sonakshi. Her mother interrupts the conversation asking Sonakshi to do as Parineeti says but she is still on her point. An angry Parineeti left after talking to her sister rudely.

Upcoming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum

Sonakshi will get into an argument with Rohit regarding a seat matter, whereas Rohit will be curious to know the location of a mysterious call. He might recall some of his past in the next episode. Someone will haunt Sonakshi in the next episode as well.

What will Sonakshi do now? Will Sonakshi talk to Sumit? Who will win the competition if Sumit puts a faulty paly? Stay hooked to Kaha Hum Kaha Tum to know more every Mon-Fri at 9:00 pm only on Star plus and anytime on Hotstar.


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