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In the upcoming episode: It’s a mess in Sonakshi’s house. Rohit and Reports under one roof. What will happen if they cross their path?

KHKT Written Update & Upcoming Story: (05 July 2019)

Sonakshi is tensed as already there is a story about Rohit harassing her on the first page. The mess will reach a whole new level if they run into each other. In the upcoming episode, you’ll see a fun play where Sonakshi tries to stop media from shooting every corner. On the other hand, sippsippy’s also reached Sonakshi’s place to see Rohit. Sonakshi is even more tensed now as the situation is getting worse. In the upcoming episode veena, Rohit’s mother asks Suman about his where about.  Now media, Rohit and Sippy are under one roof what will happen? How Sonakshi will control the situation. Is it going to be another big controversy or things will go out easily.

Well, let’s see what will happen tomorrow. To catch all the latest drama stay tuned to Kaha Hum Khan Tum. Mon-Fri at 9:00 pm only on Star Plus.

Previous episode (04/07/2019):

It started where Rohit decided he’ll stay at Sonakshi’s place unless or until he gets his watch back. It all started with an incident where Rohit witnesses a watch on pulkit’s hand (Sonakshi’s brother)in the hospital. He insists that the watch belongs to him and urge his brother to return it back. Sonakshi gets furious on this stating that this watch was a gift to her brother and leaves.

Rohit feels restless all this time with a strong feeling that the watch belongs to him and his brother might theft it from somewhere. He decided to get his watch back at any cost and knocks at Sonakshi’s door where he asks to see the watch to confirm whether it's his or not but, Sonakshi disdain his request. She then says if he wishes to see his watch he should come in the morning as it is already too late to create any more fuss.

Rohit decides to stay at her place only. Sonakshi feels concerned for him and sent Blanket and mosquito repellent to him but he denies to accept it. Next morning he wakes up to a piece of news seeing himself on the first page of the newspaper with Sonakshi. He burst into anger and misunderstood Sonakshi for spreading such humourless rumours to attract publicity. Sooner Rohit feels unconscious due to high fever and faints.

Sonakshi did everything to bring back his temperature to normal. On the other hand, there are media waiting for Sonakshi to shoot an episode with her. Where they’ll be covering each corner of the house. Now the interesting part is that Rohit is also in the house.


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