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Kaha Hum Kaha Tum: Upcoming Story, Twist and Spoiler (3rd July)-KHKT


In the upcoming episode: Sonakshi is in trouble. Rohit visits Sonakshi house as some rumours are catching fire about them. Meanwhile, media knocks at the Sonakshi’s door.

Overview of today’s episode:

In today’s episode, Sonakshi came back to the hospital and explains where she went. Everybody including Sippy’s was tensed this whole time. Sonakshi apologises for being a troublesome but, Rohit rejects to accept her apologies and gets even more furious. On the other hand, Sonakshi requests the Sippy’s to let her meet pretty.

In the upcoming story:

In the upcoming episode Rohit will knock at Sonakshi’s door as there is some news about them at the front page of the newspaper that says actress Sonakshi got harassed by the owners of Sippy Hospital; Rohit Sippy. Which made Rohit burst out in anger.

Rohit suddenly feels unconscious and fell on the floor where Sonakshi and his brother helps him to gain his consciousness. Meanwhile, the doorbell rings and Sonakshi is shocked to see reports at her doorsteps and gets panic and shuts the door. When Sonakshi’s mother asks her why is she panicking so much and who is at the door she explains, she had to shoot an episode with a channel and forgets that the shoot is today.

A big mess is waiting for both Sonakshi and Rohit. As already they are on the front page of the newspaper and then there are reports out there to shoot the episode. Seems like Rohit gains his consciousness but, yet not in his full control. He is unaware of the fact that media is at her doorstep.

A huge mess is coming our way. In order not to expose the news of Rohit being in her house she might hide him in some corner of her house. What will happen? Will Sonakshi be able to hide Rohit or will it get exposed.

To catch all the fun and twist stay tuned to Kahan Hum Kaha Tum. Every Monday to Friday at 9:00 pm on Star Plus.



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