Kaha Hum Kaha Tum: Upcoming Story 29 July- Sonakshi is all into legal procedures.


Written update of 26 July:

Praniti is upset as Sonakshi is all concerned about Pooja and neglects to celebrate her victory. Praniti is getting ready for her Ad shoot while Sonakshi comes to congratulate her and apologies for not being involved in her happiness. Praniti is super upset and says she can understand whatever happened to Pooja was wrong but ignoring her own sister is not right. While Sonakshi explains her side. Later they both laugh together and Sonakshi is all successful to get Praniti's apology. She later decides to drop her on her shoot.

Nishi gets furious at YK as her Mother-in-law calls her to make her realize that no matter how much she tries she can never take her son from her. A conflict between both Nishi and her mothers-in-law takes place. Ajeet than informs everyone that Pooja has got an Ad film. Everybody Cheers up for Pooja while Rohit states that he will drop her on the shoot.

Nishi and Yk get into a big fight as Nishi accuses him of not being present on the day of the incident. YK explains that it was her mother who was suffering and anything could have happened. Nishi is just not ready to listen to anything and loses her temper.

Nishi states that there were doctors in the hospital who could have looked after her and shouts at YK for being irresponsible. She later accuses him of showing his fake concern after the incident. YK, on the other hand, had enough of her talks and accuses her of not understanding his side. He later reveals that Pooja is not her own daughter. The story behind this must be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

Praniti is shocked to know that the ad which was offered to her now belongs to Pooja sippy. She is super upset and all tears up while Pooja says what goes around comes around. She even accused her and Sonakshi of ruining her career. Praniti then, states that it was not her sister behind the incident and leaves.

Sonakshi, on the other hand, is tensed and nervous from the incident. She invites the manager of the event to get some clue. The manager of the event states that whatever happened was purely an incident and nothing else. While Sonakshi puts her doubt on Sumit. Amrita tha manager gets furious and says he is a reputed actor and a famous personality he would never do something like this and leaves.

Rohit and Deepa on the other hand, are all set to sue Sonakshi with legal procedures.

In the upcoming episode:

In the promo of the upcoming episode, it has shown that Rohit has sent court orders to Sonakshi in case of defamation to Pooja's dignity. It has shown that. Praniti gets worried seeing government stamp on the letter. Suman is furious at Sippy's while, Sonakshi tries to have a chat with Rohit.

Rohit then says that he will listen to her only in the court. A big mess for Sonakshi awaits. Sonakshi has a full doubt on Sumit for conducting such misdeeds. What will Sonakshi do now? What turn will her investigation take? Will she be able to prove herself innocent and Sumit guilty. Will Rohit understand Sonakshi's good deeds?

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