Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Upcoming story 19th July-Suman gets furious at Deepa

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Upcoming Story

Sonakshi Rastogi and Rohit sippy are two different personalities with a different perspective. Unaware of the fact that they are destined to be together.

Sonakshi is a popular TV actress, kind sweet and full of life. Her world is all about fiction and creating magic. Whereas, Rohit is a cardiologist, calm and practical towards everything. He keeps his thinking straight to logic and science. Totally passionate in their own field they both are heartbroken and hold an ugly part of their life. They met on a conflict which will be the bond of their relationship.

In the upcoming episode:

Suman gets furious at Deepa where Rohit and Sonakshi picks an argument for the same.

Written Update of 18th July:

Rohit is dying with curiosity to know who picked his call earlier. It breaks into the mobile care centre to track the location of the cell but, the company was closed for any such inquiry. Rohit gets furious at the manager for not taking him into consideration. Rohit explains how important it is for him to know the location of the cell but the manager was helpless. Rohit and manager get into a heated argument where manager shouts at him and says it's illegal to track someone's location on their own. If he wants to continue the same he should report it to the police get an F.I.R and then he will proceed with his request. Rohit couldn't control his anger and grabs the manager's collar.

Meanwhile, Sonakshi is drawing into the sadness as she cannot get over what Parineeti said to her. Later, she burst out into tears in front of her makeup artist. She confesses how difficult it is for her to ask Sumit for favour as everybody know what kind of a human he is. On the other side, Rohit is upset as he couldn't able to track the phone location. Veena gets a hint about Rohit's situation and rushes back to home from midway to the event. Rohit confesses her feelings to Veena whereas, Veena consoles a heart is broken and upset Rohit. Later Rohit pulls himself together and gets ready to attend Pooja's fashion show.

Sippy's crashes all the limelight at the fashion event whereas, Nishi is extra nervous and super excited for her daughter Pooja. YK comforts her with a hug later.

In the meantime, Sonakshi's ex-boyfriend Karan shows up and misbehaves with Sonakshi. On asking what he is doing here? He replied that his current girlfriend Dolly is one of the final contestants. Karan shows all his vulgarity to Sonakshi and forces himself on her at some point. Sonakshi panics and asks him to get out right away before she takes any future steps to destroy him. Later, Karan mutters to himself that she will never forget this day. What is Karan up to?

Parineeti is super annoyed with Sonakshi as she Denise to talk to Sumit to favour Parineeti more. Later, Sonakshi comes to cast her good luck to Parineeti but she ignores her and shouts at the coordinator for not fixing her gown. She mentions if her gown is not fixed before she goes not stage the gown might fall down. This conversation is overheard by Sumit who is already in a plan to take revenge against Sonakshi.

In The Upcoming Story of Kaha Hum Kaha Tum

Sonakshi is at dressing room with a gown in her hand which probably belongs to Parineeti. Pooja who is in the same dressing room says it not allowed to break into the dressing room. From the situation, it suggests that Sonakshi is here to fix Parineeti' gown.

Suman asks Deepa to get up from her seat as the seat belongs to her. Deepa replies that the coordinating team allocated this seat to her. Veena is still at her point and asks her to get up. Where Rohit asks Deepa Chachi to be seated. Later, Sonakshi joins the conflict and says her mother will sit on the seat which is allocated to her. Where Rohit states his point of view. The talks later will convert into an argument.

What will happen next? What is Sumit up to? Sumit has overheard the conversation between Parineeti and one of the coordinators about her gown. Will Sumit take advantage of this? Will Sonakshi be able to protect her sister from Sumit malicious actions? To know more stay hooked to Kaha Hum Kaha Tum every Mon-Fri at 9:00 pm only on Star plus and anytime on Hotstar.


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