Shaktimaan: Cast, Controversies, First Episode, Last Episode


Shaktimaan: Most of the favourite childhood memories of the 90s kid are often surrounded by the fond memories of television serials and cartoons which used to be an integral part of our daily life back in the day. It was beyond just entertainment for the kids. The serials used to create an attachment with us on an emotional and metaphysical level, a thing which only our fellow 90s children could understand.

One of the most popular among the kids was the Shaktimaan serial. It was the time when many kids were not even aware of the existence of the Avengers or DC superheroes and Shaktimaan used to be their only source of superhero fascination and inspiration.

Shaktimaan Cast:

  • Mukesh Khanna
  • Kitu Gidwani
  • Vaishnavi Mahant
  • Surendra Pal
  • Tom Alter
  • Lalit Parimoo

Shaktimaan Song:

The title song is really catchy. It was sung by Pandit Ajay Pohakar and Vinod Rathod and written by Asad Bhopali.

Shaktimaan Serial:

Shaktimaan is an Indian superhero show serial television serial which was aired on DD 1 from 13th September 1997 to 27th March 2005. Role of the iconic character of Shaktimaan was played by immensely popular Mukesh Khanna who was also the producer of the show. He himself conceptualized the show several years before it was actually produced.

Shaktimaan was depicted as the defender of the truth and justice in the world whose main motive was to erase all the evil in the world and teach lessons of truth and good karma to the people. Shaktimaan used to hide in the disguise of the geek, Pandit Gangadhar Shastri, who was a photographer for the newspaper “Aaj Ki Awaz”.

He used to live like a normal man in the society but actually had attained superpowers through yogic meditation and combining the power of all the five elements of nature that are: air, fire, water, earth and space. He soon became a role model for his audience and through the show used to spread awareness about various topics like the importance of hygiene, education, etc.

Shaktimaan Controversies:

After gaining massive fame in a short period of time, the show went into a substantial number of controversies when the media reported several incidents in which the children tried to copy the stunts which appeared in the show, some setting themselves on fire or jumping off high buildings.

As a consequence, Mukesh Khanna had to spend a substantial part of his is airtime to explain to the kids that the stunts performed where animated and should not be tried at home. Later on, he also stated that many of the controversies might have been fake and were only raised to deteriorate his popularity.

However, Shaktimaan became one of the longest-running television serials on Doordarshan channel and was immensely famous among the children. According to Mukesh Khanna, he had even been appreciated for his concept and performance by the Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the external affairs minister of that time.

Shaktimaan First Episode:

The first episode of Shaktiman was aired on 13 September 1997. The episode revealed who Shaktimaan is and how he gained his powers. It was said that since the beginning of humankind humanity was peaceful until KaliYuga began and hated took over while humanity started perishing for the past 6000 years.

A group of suryanshis chooses a man who will take the responsibility of fighting all the evil in the world and help in conserving truth and justice in society. He went through long meditation and was taught to energize the chakras of his body with Kundalini yoga and that's how he got his supernatural powers.

He also immerses his body in the holy fire and incorporated the five elements of life which are, air, water, earth, fire and sky, to create the Shaktimaan. After becoming Shaktimaan, he pledges in front of the saints to fight the evil in the society without causing any harm to the wrongdoer humans.

Then Shaktimaan goes on to apply his power and catches some robbers who were being chased by the police and ask them to surrender themselves to the police but the robbers try to escape by taking a child who was standing nearby hostage but Shaktimaan saves the child with his superpowers defeating the robbers and handing them over to the police.

You can watch the first episode below:

Shaktimaan Last Episode:

The last episode of the original Shaktimaan was aired on 27th March 2005 on Doordarshan. It was the 400th episode of the show. In that episode, one of the main villain doctor Dr Jackal tried to free three very dangerous prisoners who were held captive in a prison in the outer space near the sun from very ancient times.

Dr Jackal had created a “Kitanuman” with the help of his cloning machine by putting some bacteria and viruses together from the Pandora's box which Shaktimaan had throw in the outer space in some earlier episode.

You can watch the last episode below:

The episode ended with a description of the three dreadful prisoners. The show was ended abruptly, to the shock of the viewers. The last episode came off as pretty disappointing as it did not have any conclusion as the story of the episode was left unfinished.


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