Patiala Babes: All you need to know- Cast, Upcoming Story, Written Update

Patiala Babes

Starring the Jodha Akbar fame Paridhi Sharma, Patiala Babes is a Hindi family serial that airs on Sony TV. The serial is about the relation between a mother and a daughter and how a daughter teaches her mother to live life with confidence.

Patiala Bes has successfully completed its 164 episodes on 13 July and has been well appreciated by the audience. The serial has created a good fan base in very little time and is one of the most famous serials on Sony TV. Here is all you need to know about Patiala Babes-

Patiala Babes Cast :

Lead Cast

  • Paridhi Sharma - Babita
  • Ashnoor Kaur - Mini
  • Anirudh Dave - Inspector Hanuman Singh

Supporting Cast:

  • Bhanujeet Sudan- Ashok Khurana ( Babita's ex-husband)
  • Hunar Ali - Meeta Basu
  • Anoop Puri - Kishanchand Khurana
  • Poonam A. Sarnaik - Shammi Khurana
  • Shyn Khurana - Lovely Arora
  • Ashu Sharma - Sukhwinder Arora
  • Rushita Vaidya- Preet Kaur ( Mini's friend)
  • Bhawsheel Sahni - Bobby ( Preet's sister)
  • Mohit Hiranandani - Micky
  • Saurabh Sharma- Khatri Sethy
  • Mohit Puri - Lala
  • Sandhya Shungloo - Naeem Bee
  • Jaspreet Kaur - Kammo
  • Subeer Kasali - Madhu Kattar
  • Rushita Vaidya as Preet Kaur, Mini's best friend
  • Bhawsheel Sahni as Bobby Singh, Preet's brother
  • Mohit Hiranandani as Micky "Makkhan" Singh Ahluwalia, Mini's love interest
  • Sandeep Kap - Kattar
  • Vizin Sharma - Billa Bilawar

More about Patiala Babes:

  • The story is written and produced by Rajita Sharma under Katha Kottage.
  • The first episode of the show was aired on 27th November 2017.
  • Patiala Babes is also dubbed in Tamil and airs under the name Pavithra on Polimer TV.
  • Patiala Babes has successfully completed 164 episodes to this date.
  • The show can also be watched anywhere online or can be downloaded from SonyLiv website or app.

Patiala Babes Storyline:

Patiala Babes is the story of the bonding between a mother and a daughter and how a daughter supports her single mother and teaches her to live confidently and proudly.

Babbit ( Paridhi Sharma) is a simple woman who has suffered from a suppressive marriage. Her marriage has made her very under-confident and full of self-doubt. Babita's husband Ashok cheats her for his business associate Meeta who is a modern and self-sufficient mother. After getting separated from her husband, Babita starts doubting herself but her daughter Mini supports.

They start living on rent in a society. There also Babita has to face many problems and questions but Mini always stood beside her. Their land owner Hanuman, who is also an inspector, develops a love interest in Babita but chose to stay quiet about it.

Some society members like Naeem Bee, Kamo, Hanuman always support Babita and Mini while some like Khatri and his followers are jealous of them and always try to trouble them. However, they face everything together and on Mini's insistence, Babita starts a spice business under the name 'Patiala Babes'.

Initially, they face many troubles due to financial issues and opposition from society but soon with the efforts of everyone including Babita, Mini, Hanuman, Naeem Bee, and other women, their business flourishes and Babita becomes very famous in Patiala.

Through all this, Mini also develops good relations with Meeta who is a very nice woman by heart. Soon Meeta also sees Ashok's true nature and is disappointed with him and Mini helps her. While Babita is gaining fame, Ashok is all in debt and gets involved in a police case. Hanuman arrests Ashok and keeps him in lockup for a few days.

On getting out, Ashok apologizes to Meeta, Babita, and Mini and decides to leave India along with Meeta. Ashok's parents come and stay with Babita in her house.

As when Ashok is gone, Babita is free to move on in life. I will worth watching what twist this story takes and what happens in Babita's life.

Latest episode:

In the latest episode of Patiyala Babes, we see Babita is making mango ice cream and is trying to explain the recipe to Hanuman. She tells him how she wants to leave everything behind and live in the present and wants to taste every flavour of life.

The next morning, Babita's father in law asks Babita what she had thought about her upcoming life. Babita says that now she wants to live only for her daughter Mini and fulfil all her dreams. Hanuman gets an upset hearing but says nothing.  about this. Naeem Bee advises him to go to Babita and tell his feelings but Hanuman says that this time he will let Babita take the first step.

Later she finds Babitas nervous about something. On being asked that reason, she says that some TV channel wants to interview her and had called her for the same and she is not sure what she should say. Mini gets excited about hearing this and tells Babita that she should definitely say yes and should not waste such a golden opportunity.

Upcoming Episode:

In the upcoming episode of Patiala Babes, we will see that some people from a TV channel interview Babita. Everyone including Mini, Hanuman, Nain Bee, etc. are present there. Babita nervously answers the question. The interviewers then start questioning her about her personal life. They ask her about her relations with Hanuman. This question shocks both Hanuman and Babita and Babita gets very nervous about this.

How will Babita describe her relations with Hanuman? Will this bring any change in the story of Babita and Hanuman?

To know, watch Patiala Babes every Monday to Friday on Sony TV at 9 PM. You can also watch all the previous episodes of the serial anytime on SonyLiv.