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Mai Bhi Ardhangini: Review, Cast and Upcoming Story and More

Mai Bhi Ardhangini

Mai Bhi Ardhangini is an Indian television horror drama romance series that aires on &TV. The story revolves around three people. Madhav, Chitra and Vaidehia. Madhav is a widower who cannot get over his wife’s death Chitra and lives in her memories. Madhav life takes a huge turn as Chitra’s spirit returns to haunt those people who did wrong to her. Also, her motive is to unite Madhav and his childhood friend Vaidehi forever.

Mai Bhi Ardhangini
Mai Bhi Ardhangini Team

Overview of Mai Bhi Ardhangini

Genre: Drama Romance Horror

Written by: Jayesh, Surbhi, Bandana Soumava.

Language: Hindi

Duration: 21 minute

Producers: Essel Vision Production

Broadcast channel: &TV

Origin date: 21 January- till date

The cast of Mai Bhi Ardhangini:

Main cast:

  • Avinash Sachdev as Madhav Singh Thakur Chitra’s widower and Vaidehi’s childhood friend.
  • Aditi Rawat as Vaidehi Thaku; Madhav’s childhood friend.
  • Anjali Priya as Chitra Thakur; Madhav’s beloved wife, who becomes a spirit after her death.

Supporting cast:

  • Deepshika Thakur as Nilambari; Madhav’s stepmother
  • Krutika Desai Khan as Shweta
  • Ajoy Chakraborty as Narayan Das
  • Shashank Mishra as Lalten
  • Gulshan Tushir as Jaichand
  • Aditya Rao Nuniwal as Sangram Thakur.

The Plot of Mai Bhi Ardhangini:

Mai Bhi Ardhangini is an Indian TV series that showcase a supernatural story destined with love, affection and selflessness. Well, it is right to say that Indian TV series cannot uphold the dynamism of love story only. They have to introduce a spirit in order to take the lead. However, not every supernatural drama reaches to the audience unless and until it is well scripted and demonstrated. Mai Bhi Ardhangini is another drama that is bound with supernatural energies.

The story highlight the love of three people. Madhav, Chitra and Vaidehi. Madhav who is still in the memories of his late wife Chitra is the lead in the show. Chitra’s death shocks him and broke him inside out. However, Chitra has become a spirit now and return to the house to haunt those people who did wrong to her. On the other hand, she tries to unite his husband Madhav with his Childhood friend Vaidehi.

Mai Bhi Ardhangini is a romantic drama that unfolds the essence of true love that lives beyond eternity and lives even after death. The story brings for all the “Ardhangini’s” who can go to any extent to save their husband’s life. Mai Bhi Ardhangini is a journey of two women who tries to protect the man they love. The story is all about Vaidehi bringing cheer and happiness into Madhav’s life. Her only motive us to make Madhav happy at any cost. Madhav’s life changes drastically after her wife’s Chitra’s tragic death.

In the upcoming episode:

Anuradha runs to rescue Vaidehi who is trapped in the mirror. While she hears Nilambari making plans against Chitra and Vaidehi. She is confused about whether to ask Nilambari for help or not. What will Anuradha do now? How will she rescue Vaidehi from a trapped mirror? Will Madhav ever gets to know that its not Vaidehi but Chitra who is giving company to him. To more stay hooked to Mai Bhi Ardhangini every Mon-Fri at 9:30 pm only on &TV and anytime on Zee5 app.



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