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Ladies Special: The show airs on Sony Entertainment Television and revolves around a group of ladies who travel around the metro and interact every day due to the same. This show gained a huge response due to its major revamp in the genre of the show regarding an all-female cast. The initial Season 1, which gained a huge critic response went off the air on 14th December 2009. It premiered again with season 2 on 27th November 2018.

Critic’s Rating: IMDB: 6.8/10

Ladies Special Synopsis

The story is set in Mumbai and is a take on the lives and challenges faced by women in big cities and how they sometimes find hope, encouragement, and companionship in the most unlikely places. In this case, the protagonists are four women – Shubha Joshi (Neena Gupta), Nanda Shinde (Shilpa Tulaskar), Bubbly Chaddha (Ashita Dhawan), and Pooja Singh (Payel Sarkar) – who travel to work and back by the Ladies Special train.

Ladies Special Cast

Season 1

  • Neena Gupta as Shubha Joshi – A married woman who realizes a dark secret about her marriage.
  • Shilpa Tulaskar as Nanda Shinde – Mother of teenaged children, trying to maintain a balance between work and the challenges faced by her children
  • Ashita Dhawan as Bubbly Chaddha – the happy go lucky one, who smiles despite the financial hardships she faces
  • Payel Sarkar as Pooja Singh – Caught in an abusive relationship.
  • Fatima Sana Shaikh as Nanda Shinde’s daughter Geeti
  • Sreejita De as Shivangi
  • Sandeep Kulkarni as Shivam Shinde
  • Akash Khurana as Vipul Joshi
  • Harsh Chhaya as Karan Singh
  • Satish Sharma as Mintoo Chaddha
  • Sailesh Gulabani as Abhay
  • Varun Badola as Vinay Josh

Season 2

  • Chhavi Pandey as Prarthana Viraj Parimal, a stolid Bihari woman who works hard and single-handedly looks after her parents and younger brother. She works at a telecommunication company in Khar and lives in a middle-class colony in Borivali.
  • Bijal Joshi as Bindu Desai, a cheerful Gujarati woman married to a doctor that loves another woman. She also works as a mehendi artist at weddings. She lives in a high-rise apartment in Goregaon.
  • Girija Oak as Meghna Nikade, an optimistic mother of two young children who strives to find a solution to all her problems to make sure her family is happy. She lives in a lower-middle-class colony in Virar.
  • Sahil Chaddha as Viraj Indrajit Parimal, a rich intern who works under Prarthana as he was instructed to be a middle-class boy by his billionaire father to learn the lessons of business. Now he is Prathana’s Husband
  • Ojas Rawal as Dr. Amar Desai, Bindu’s husband who loves another woman but was forced to marry Bindu because of his family and is now friends with Bindu. A talented heart surgeon at Jeevandeep Hospital on SV Road. He leaves Jeevandeep Hospital as he wanted to operate on Mota Papa who was admitted to New Lifecare Hospital. He currently works as an assistant to the Head of Cardiology in this hospital and has promised the Hospital trustees to open a heart transplant center in New Lifecare Hospital. Later, after Bindu gets engaged to Umed, he realizes that he loves her not Kangana.
  • Vishnu Bholwani as Mandar Nikade, Meghna’s husband, an honest, hard-working and a super- supportive of Meghna.
  • Arvind Vaidya as Baba, Meghna’s supportive and ailing father-in-law and Mandar’s father.
  • Dilip Darbar as Mota Papa, Bindu’s supportive father in law and Amar’s elder uncle who took his responsibility as Amar’s parents died in a car accident.
  • Jia Mustafa as Kangana Rajawat, Amar’s love interest
  • Inderjeet Sagoo as Subodh, Prarthana’s former love interest who was already married.
  • Parveen Kaur as Rachana Kashyap, Prarthana’s mother, a simple housewife who tries to manage everything and keep everyone happy. She is always worried about her children.
  • Archisman Pal as Sachin Nikade, Mandar and Meghna’s son, who is named after Sachin Tendulkar.
  • Neha Chandra as Jyoti, Meghna’s neighbor and best friend who is a business partner in Meghna’s business, Swapna Garments.

Ladies Special Review

Mumbai’s local train network is the lifeline of tinsel town, allowing its denizens to travel from far-flung suburbs to the city center in relative comfort (peak hour crush factor is a different ball game). Many well-heeled people too hop on, just to save travel time. Bumps here our three protagonists who are as different as chalk and cheese.

However, it is their this difference which appeals to the critics. Bindu’s story and her relentless support towards her husband, despite the fact she is ignored and often taken for granted, shows the condition of Indian women in today’s society.

Although the serial is a finite show and will wrap up soon after the completion of 150 episodes, this show will really be missed due to its realism and the vivid portrayal of three different stories. As with Season 1, female bonding will be the plot’s mainstay. And already, Bindu helps Meghna to get her paralyzed father-in-law admitted to the hospital where her hubby works. Very soon, Prarthana will join the mix.

Ladies Special Summary

Genre: Soap opera

Created by: Optimystix Entertainment

Directed by: Kaushik Ghatak, Saagar Kagra

Country of origin: India

Original language(s): Hindi

No. of seasons: 2

No. of episodes: 273

Producer: Sanjiv Sharma, Vipul D. Shah

Running time: 24 minutes

Original network: Sony Entertainment Television

Original release: 25 May 2009 –present

Ladies Special Story

The second season of the series followed the lives of 3 passengers who meet in a Mumbai Ladies Special train & become friends, sharing their problems with each other while commuting to work. The three protagonists – Prarthana, Meghna, and Bindu face all adversities in life together & continue marching forward with the hope of a brighter future. Bindu is a beautiful and energetic housewife who married a cardiologist, Amar. However, on the first night of their marriage, Amar confesses that he is in love with another woman, also a doctor. Bindu accepts it with a smile on her face and keeps working relentlessly.

Meghna belongs to a lower-middle-class family and dreams of opening her own garment shop someday. She has a never-give-up attitude and has two children.

Prarthana is a short-tempered kind-hearted lady who works in a telecom factory. She finds it difficult to make both ends meet.

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