Hamaari Bahu Silk: Review, Storyline, Cast, Budget



Hamari bahu silk is an Indian soap opera in the Hindi language played on Zee TV. The story revolves around a girl, Paakhi with a beautiful voice, forced to hide her talents. She is made to be the voice of a B grade actress who has a very hoarse voice, while she herself chooses to stay in the shadows.

Critic's Rating: Not rated

Hamari bahu silk Summary:

Producer:Devyani Rale, Sudhanshu TripathiWriterVishal Renu, Sudhir Singh, Pranjal Saxena, Manasvi SharmaProductionKlay picturesCinematography:Indranil SinghaEditor:Swapnil NerulkarLanguage:HindiRelease Date:3rd June 2019 (ZeeTV)

Hamaari bahu Silk Cast: 

  • Chahat Pandey
  • Zahan Khan
  • Sarita Joshi
  • Manas Shah
  • Reeva Chaudhary
  • Kirti Choudhary


The show depicts a lot of drama and is a pure form of entertainment. The deeper story line is a fresh idea. However, I must say that the deeper line of the story is extremely over done. The plot has started to become predictable and one doesn’t need to watch the upcoming episodes to know what happens next. The drama is overflowing and way too much to handle. The dramatic pauses however have been placed appropriately. The film industry has been depicted in a very wrong light and the female characters aren’t strong at all, sending a wrong message to the general population. Just like all other Hindi soaps, this show has failed to raise the spirits of the female crowd and over inflated the capacities of the male crowd. The background music is well suited however, the makeup and acting depicted by the artists is spot on. Casting has been made appropriately. Sarita Joshi as Baa is as usual doing a commendable job.

I would like to conclude by saying that despite all its flaws, the show should be taken for what it has been created, entertainment. With its running time of approximately 25 minutes, it is a free flow of entertainment with slight bouts of laughter and light banter. I would rate it a 2 out of 5.

Hamaari bahu silk Trailer/ Teaser:

The trailer shows Natasha coming into an audition suprising the judges with her hoarse voice. They laugh at her , but still let hr audition. When she speaks into the mic, they are surprised to hear such a beautiful voice and immediately hire her. Behind the curtains, Paakhi is shown to be speaking into the mic, dubbing for Natasha and putting a finger on her lips, telling the audience to keep mum about the deceit.

The teaser can be found on youtube.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYVpeWOK7tQ

Hamaari bahu silk Release Date: 

The series was launched on Zee TV on June 3rd.

All the episodes so far can be watched on www.zee5.com

Hamaari bahu silk Poster: 

Hamaari bahu silk Photos: 


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