Gathbandhan Upcoming Story, Future Story, Written Update (09 July)

Gathbandhan upcoming story

Gathbandhan Upcoming Story

The show Gathbandhan, streaming on colors TV is going to take a new turn tomorrow when Raghu hands over divorce papers to Dhanak. The new high voltage melodrama is basically laid upon the misunderstandings of the newly married couple, Dhanak and Raghu which is due to the drug dealing case.

Gathbandhan Written Update

Raghu is completing every after marriage ritual with Dhanak which makes Dhanak happy and she thinks that their misunderstandings are getting sorted out, she being a Marathi bride also performs a ritual dance, but this happiness could not long more. Raghu in between the rituals hands over DIVORCE PAPERS to Dhanak and compels her to sign upon it so that he could free from this marriage. The shock of divorce could not be digested by Dhanak and this reminds her of the same thing she did with Raghu in the past. Dhanak is not acceptable to sign on the divorce papers which makes Raghu angry and he starts giving pain to Dhanak by holding and hurting her, because of this Dhanak’s bangle gets broken down which gives her a wound on her hand. Due to anger Raghu also burns his hand in compensation to the pain he had given to Dhanak. In the morning scene we get to see that Dhanak is providing first aid to someone who had hurt Dhanak, I mean she is providing first aid to Raghu while he was sleeping but when he gets up he starts resisting Dhanak in the same way he did it before.


Both of them love each other immensely but they are in mid of the misunderstandings created by the drug dealing case, in which Raghu thinks that he and his mother are facing the shame in the society because of Dhanak. Dhanak is day by day becoming the victim of the anger of Raghu who is not letting Dhanak come closer to him. This is a depressing phase in their love story.


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