YTS Torrents: Is It Safe To browse Torrentz2 Sites?

yts .am

What Is YTS?

YTS .am is the unofficial successor of the illegal(Piracy Websites) YTS, YIFY group. This website was banned in many countries.

YTS is a very popular group among the torrents websites. This is one of the top torrent sites for proving pirated movies.

This website was shut down in 2015 but after some time it became again active with the different domain name.

This torrentz website has a huge number of a user base which is active and YTS has millions of daily unique visitors. All the users on this website are for torrent movie download.

Many countries are trying to fully ban this website, but they are not getting full success because YTS group regularly changing their domain name.

Is It Safe To Browse YTS?

Clearly saying NO,

  • This types of website are made only for making more and more income. They don't care about the privacy of users. There are much malware active on these kinds of website which collects your personal data and sell it a third party for huge amounts.
  • The main source of income of YTS is selling your personal data.
  • Their malware is so powerful that it can't be detected by any antivirus.
  • They can even hack your personal computer/ Smartphone and do whatever they want.
  • They can collect your Email ID with Password, by which they can make your life worst.
  • They can even collect your Bank Details, and make online transactions.
  • Your social is also not safe from them.
  • They can ask you, Ransome, money for deleting your data from their database.

By browsing YTS Torrents you are participating in illegal Activity.

  • Torrentz is banned in many countries, then if you use such website then you are breaking the law of the country.
  • You can be arrested by browsing this website.


Precaution while using YTS

Note: Awaaaz is not promoting YTS or any illegal website. This is written for educational purpose.

I can't say this procedure is totally safe, but it will help you a lot. Follow these steps while using Any torrentz Website.

  • Always browse these websites in Incognito/ Private/ Guest mode.
  • Use a VPN
  •  After using these website clear cookies and cache.
  • Make sure, your antivirus is active
  • Always use Adblocker








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