Tamilgun 2019: Tamil Movie Download in HD 1080 For Free

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TamilGun 2019: In the era of digitalization, almost everyone seeks to find entertainment in forms of illegal torrent downloads. However, what remains behest to the viewers is that such torrent sites like Tamilgun are the breeding grounds for law-breakers and illegal piraters.

Hence when the truth is unfolded and ripped off like a band-aid, one sorts to TV and cable, as when they will air their favourite movie/shows on it. However when the cable bills surge high up in the air, what options do you have?

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What is Tamilgun?

Welcome to the era of illegal piraters like Tamilgun waiting to sell the beauty of cinematic picturesque( and virus-infected links) over petty torrent links.

When infected links or illegal torrents are all over the place, what options do you have? Suppose, you had some work to do on the last date of the theatre release of your favorite movie.

So will you now wait for 90 long days for it to finally stream on cable, or have its world TV premiere on the channels?

What if you don’t have cable at your home or the channel on which the movie is supposed to premiere? So will you buy cable or that channel for one day, or will you go without watching your favorite movie?

With Netflix creating a worldwide rage among the viewers for its less invasive methodologies to stream movies online, the future has resorted to a third option- only streaming, which we guarantee you are 100% safer and more legal than Tamilgun. 

Recently Leaked Movies

  • War
  • Saand Ki Aankh
  • Housefull 4
  • Made In China

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How to Download Movie (Legal Way)?

The legal ways to download movies may cost you some money because these websites or App has some subscription charge.

Those legal websites or apps are listed above with some information, read all of them and choose the best one for you.

The meteoric success of one such app has inspired creators to come up with these apps which will not only provide the ease of watching movies online, without downloading it, and introduce a brand-new platform for a similar theatre-like experience.

Not only this, with an easy and cheap yearly-subscription, you can stream your favorite movies online!

You can finally ditch the wait, the cable and the astronomical bills they provide you with- but beware, getting too many streaming apps and subscriptions can double your bills!

1. Amazon Prime

Amazon prime involves fast delivery, speedy tracking of items, free movies, and free songs. All these things only at Rs. 999 per year. That means, less than Rs. 130 per month.

These fees and the services provide a virtual entertainment and one-day delivery at Rs. 0 only! Many movies come in partnership with Amazon so that they can release the movie on their online legit platform as soon as the movies exit the theatres. What’s more? The movies stay permanently allowing you to stream whenever possible.

2. Hotstar

Movies and series available on hotstar are completely legal and free to download. There is an initial subscription fee, for premium users. However, the premium tag doesn’t paralyze you and you can stream a few contents and movies without being a VIP or a premium user.

You can also watch out the missed out cable serials on Star network. Matches, Live TV, Movies, Series- you name it, they have it! To become a premium user, pay a subscription fee of only Rs. 999 per year and Rs. 299 per month.

3. Netflix

Netflix provides you with almost all Hollywood movies. Netflix subscription is a bit higher than the rest of streaming sites, however, if bought by 4 people together, it is relatively cheap.

The 4-people plan 0f Rs 800 per month gives you four different screens and mobile to PC mirroring. With HD quality movies, you will enjoy the first 30 days free, on here.


IMDb movie critic rating is the most preferred and accepted movie rating all over the world. Here, you’ll get your list customized according to that.

It also accepts suggestions and ratings, and a personalized viewing of your favorite genre. The subscription fees in dollars are $149.99 per year or $19.99 per month

5. Classic Cinema Online

If Classic Cinema is your favourite genre, then you can go for this website. it provides you with a genre of classic Hollywood movies.

6. Top Documentary Films

If your likingness of viewing a movie is constricted to real-life stories or black and white documentaries, Top Documentary Films is your one-stop-shop. It offers you with a huge library of age-old documentaries and the newest documentaries of all.

7. Viewster

Viewstar is absolutely free and contains no hidden subscription fees. However, it supports ads. This ad-supported streaming device is licensed but the movie titles change from state to state due to license agreements.

8. Internet Archive

It is a nonprofit library. Al of the data on the internet can be found archived here. It also works as a backup store. You can get millions of free movies, software, books, songs, audios to download from a huge list of the same.

9. Yahoo

Yahoo platform can help you provide the latest movies and audios for you to download for free. You can watch even animated series like those of the Cartoon network and so on. It is an official source of movies and there is another option of streaming and downloading it on your device.

10. Youtube

Youtube is a streaming app that shows videos, movies, clips, trailers, etc. It is the official release site of movies. All the trailers are revealed and uploaded here. To watch a movie, one can pay a mere fee of Rs. 10-100 for renting the HD version.

11. tubiTV

This is an ad-supported movie streaming website. It provides you with a huge number of the library of movies. It almost supports 40,000 titles due to its partnership with Hollywood weights like Paramount.

12. Viu

For Hindi series and ad-free hassle-free entertainment, Viu app is preferred. Viu app also provides a huge platform for Bollywood and Tamil movies.

13. Kanopy

All Indian movies are available here in HD quality. It is one of the most popular movies as almost every genre of movie is available in any language.

14. Vimeo

If you have a downloading software, you can download movies from Vimeo. Since it started monetization, its popularity has surged up ten-fold. Now it is the second trending application after Youtube.

15. PlutoTV

PlutoTV is a popular app for streaming and downloading Tamil and Hollywood movies for free.

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How to detect whether the site is illegal or not?

Illegal streaming sites can manifest your computers and push your devices to the brink of malware attacks.

With the tough anti-pirating schemes and laws, law-offenders are trying their best to protect the sites from catching up in the eyes of law.

However, even with the extreme measures, one can detect an illegal pirate site by the following ways:

  • No About Us Section: Legit streaming sites provide complete transparency about the motive for building the website and are very much transparent about their locations. However, when it comes to websites like Tamilrockers and Tamilgun they are very much secure about their location and do not provide any way to breach their contract security. They provide the best way to secure their anonymity over the internet.
  • No Source: There is absolutely no way that illegal websites like Tamilgun will reveal the source of their website. The legit website reveals the source of the movie, as usually there is a partnership involved in the legal streaming of the website.
  • Money through advertisements: Legit websites never use advertisements that interrupt your movies/series. However, illegal websites like Tamilgun use advertisements to keep the lights on. Hence these websites often cash up their websites by providing illicit and lewd advertisements. These advertisements often interrupt viewing like that of Youtube. However, Youtube gives you an option to skip the advertisement, which will not be present on these websites.
  • App on Playstore: The website will never release its app on play store, or better not release its app at all!
  • Recently released movies: Movies that are recently released often appear on such websites. They also include movies that have not yet exited the theaters. Hence, the websites which also contain links to download such movies like Tamilrockers are mostly pirated.

What’s more? All of these apps, especially Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Hotstar, Viu, have their own series and specials to watch out for. Hence if you’re done watching all your favorite movies (which we bet, isn’t possible!), you can possibly stream those specials and start binging and watching ad-free entertainment!

The future lies in your hands. Will you resort to this less invasive method of streaming through free legal sites or will you opt for a lawsuit by downloading movies from Tamilgun or Tamilrockers for entertainment?

 Disclaimer: We do not promote any piracy websites. This content is for user awareness. 

Source: timesofindia

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