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SSMMS: Full form, Purpose, Process of Registration and Ordering Sand

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The Sand Sale Management and Monitoring System (SSMMS) is an initiative started by the Telangana government to provide sand easily at affordable prices, to all the stakeholders.

The start- Need for an affordable source of authentic sand

Sand is required to build the foundations of all sorts of structures, from a small house to a big tower. Buying sand in bulk has been considered an expensive ordeal, leading to the origin of various illegal activities to help procure it. Multiple cases of “sand Smuggling” have surfaced in recent years, thus leading up to this initiative.

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The second major problem, was the use of fake sand to sell it off at cheaper rates, thus leading to weaker foundations of buildings made from such sands. This can lead to the collapse of structures and loss of property and life.

Thus the Telangana States Minerals Development Corporation(TSMDC) started a new initiative called the Sand Sale Management and Monitoring System, to provide an affordable portal for construction stakeholders and builders to buy authentic sand in bulk. The amount of sand is of the supreme quality and is monitored daily.

What is the job of the SSMMS?

  1. The basic aim of the SSMMS is to provide an affordable means for constructors and builders to buy authentic sand, to prevent the use of illegal methods.
  2. SSMMS helps in preventing leakages of Government revenues and keeping a track of the funds
  3. It helps to indirectly improve Government income.
  4. It helps in procuring sand from rivers like the Godavari, Krishna and Maneru, reservoirs, sandbanks, water canals, etc.
  5. It assesses the effect of such procuring of sand from the rivers and the subsequent effect on the environment.

Districts under the hold of the SSMMS

Currently, the SSMMS has a hold on 22 districts in the state of Telangana. 304 TSMDC stockyards (godowns where the sand is stored) are scattered across these 22 districts where they are transported via registered vehicles to the booked place.

The portal for booking

A website has been put up in order to make the booking process easier to track and understand. The portal can help you register and book sand, track your order status and delivery and help in interstate transport formalities.

The website is: https://sand.telangana.gov.in/TSSandPortal/Masters/Home.aspx

Process for registration as a sand buyer

To buy sand, you first need to become an integral member of the community, and register and a potential buyer of sand. You need to fill in multiple details in forms, and though the process may be lengthy it is much easier and doing it via other methods. Here is a detailed step by step process to register as a member:

Step 1: Log onto the website of the portal through the link given above

Step 2: click on the registration tab and type in your phone number onto the black space provided

You will receive an OTP on the registered phone number. Kindly enter that onto the blank space provided.

Step 3: You have been successfully registered!

Step 4: Double-check if the registration process went through

Sometimes the registration is faulty and it is always better to double-check if it went successfully. So to do so, go to the already registered name list and check if your number is registered.

Step 5: Registering your vehicle

This is mainly to clear check posts on road. You have to enter your credentials like mobile number, the registered number of the vehicle owner, vehicle number, chassis number, address, copy of the RC certificate.

Step 6: Double check to make sure your vehicle is registered

This is the same process as the one used to double check if your name registration is done properly.

Process to order sand

Step 1: log into the website

Put in your login credentials- the username (your registered name) and the password to access the buying site.

Step 2: click on the NEW BOOKING option to make a fresh booking

Step 3: Choose your district

Once you have clicked on the new booking option, the site will ask you to feed in your district from a drop-down box. There are a total of 22 district options which you can choose from in case your from Telangana State.

Step 5: Selection of a stockyard for delivery

A table is displayed on the screen with the various stockyards in the chosen district with stockyard status, the quantity of sand available and the price/cu mm. You must select the stockyard you wish to collect from.

Step 6: Fill the form displayed

Once you have selected the stockyard you will be displayed a form that must be filled in order to proceed. Basic details like your name, address, vehicle details, the purpose of the purchase, occupation, the amount needed, etc are asked. After all the details are filled, click on OK to complete the process. A pop-up box asks you to confirm and submit the details.

Step 7: Payment details

Once you have submitted the form, you will be redirected to the modes of payment. Choose preferred online mode like Debit card or Credit card or UPI and fill in the necessary details for payment procedure. You will receive a receipt of payment which should be saved for future reference.

Tracking your placed order

Step 1: go to the order tracking page

Step 2: put in your order no

Step 3: click on the get status button to get the status of your order and to find whether it’s been shipped

You can also check your order status through your mobile number. You will get frequent messages whenever your order moves on to the next stage of processing.