Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+: Price, Review, Battery, Camera, Specs

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Samsung is a South Korean international company selling all kinds of electronic products from phones, tablets, laptops, speakers, headphones, refrigerators, televisions and more. The telecommunications sector of the company released the Galaxy note 10amd galaxy 10+ yesterday at a global event bringing all the gadget enthusiasts to attention.

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The most prominent features about the new galaxy are the lack of the audio jack and the absence of a micro SD slot to expand memory. The note 10+ has a wider screen than the 10 which is the only significant difference between the two.

There has been a major upgrade not only in the system but also the overall design of the gadget, which emits a sweet, sleek look. The price, however, has significantly increased as compared to the previous model. The last electronic gadget released by the company was the galaxy A40 on august 4th.

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This new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus is released a year after the Note 9 was first brought into markets 1 year back.  The next releases are going to be on the 1st of September- the galaxy A60. Online technology vloggers and review sites are going bonkers right now, trying their best to highlight all the great new features this phone brings to the market. Here is a brief review and details of the galaxy Note 10 for all those tech enthusiasts out there.     

Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ Summary

Price:Note 10: Rs. 69,999 (8GB RAM + 256GB)
Note 10+: Rs. 73,900 (8GB RAM + 128GB)
Note 10+:  Rs. 91,900 (8GB RAM + 512GB)
Note 10+: Rs. 1,17,900 (12GB RAM + 1TB)   
Battery:Note 10: 3500 mAh
Note 10+: 4,100mAh
CPU:Exynos 9825
OS:Note 10: android 9 pie
Note 10+: android 9.0
Display:Note 10: 6.30 inches
Notes 10+: 6.40 inches
Camera:Note 10: 12-megapixel  + 16-megapixel + 12-megapixel, Front camera- 10 megapixels
Note 10+: 12-megapixel + 12-megapixel + 16-megapixel, Front camera- 10 megapixel+ 8 megapixel
Weight: Note 10: 168g Note 10+ : 175g
Internal Storage:Note 10: 256GB (no expandable storage) Note 10+ : 128GB
Sensors:Note 10: Face unlock, 3D face recognition, fingerprint sensor, compass, proximity sensor, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, gyroscope, barometer
Note 10+: all of the above except 3D face recognition
Colours:Note 10: Aura Black, Aura Glow, Aura White
Note 10+: Ceramic Black, Ceramic White, Prism Black, Prism Blue, Prism Green, Prism White,


The major difference between both phones is of the screen size and battery life. The size difference of Galaxy Note 9 and Note 10 is of 0.30 inches. The camera quality is significantly better than the galaxy s9 (12-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel front camera).

Loads of new sensors have been added and the android system has been upgraded. The previously leaked Erynos system has been used as the CPU for the device. The earphone jack has been removed from both the phones and there is no facility to expand phone memory in note 10. Multiple options for colours are available.  

Design and display

The screen size is fixed at 6.30 inches (Note 10) and 6.40(Note 10+) inches with a resolution of 1080X2280 pixels and an aspect ratio of 19:9.

The note 10 has a sleek glossy black back with a triple rear camera and a cut out in the top centre of the front of the model. The fingerprint sensor is present on the screen itself instead of having a button at the bottom of the screen. The edges are curved backwards giving the idea that a screen is never-ending infinite justifying the name called the Infinity O display coined by the company.

The heavier model is the note 10+ but it is also thinner that its counterpart.

The Note has always been one of the bulkier models of the company, resembling more of a tab than a phone. This new model also seems to be on the same track, a little heavier than its note 9 counterparts.


Besides all this, there is a stylus feature in note 10 but lacking in the note 10+ improving efficiency as an office device.


The most important feature that people look for in phones nowadays is the camera quality, to help with the picture-perfect selfies. Here are further details on the rear and front cameras:

Rear camera

There are 3 rear cameras with a resolution of 12-megapixel  + 16-megapixel + 12-megapixel (note 10) and 12-megapixel + 12-megapixel + 16-megapixel (note 10+), with a phase detection autofocus. The imaging capabilities are way better than Note 9 (12-megapixels).

The dual rear camera has a 12-megapixel focus with horizontal placement. It also sports a 12-megapixel sensor with a wide-angle lens. It has a 10X digital zoom with a 2X optical zoom.

Front camera

The front camera has a dual-sensor as well, with a 10 megapixel (Note 10) and 10-megapixel + 8-megapixel (note 10+). Both the phones have a front flash which is in contrast to note 9 which not only doesn’t have the flash but has only a resolution of 8 megapixels.

Operation System (OS)

The operating system decides the ultimate quality of the phone. Buying a phone with one of the most modern OS is of utmost importance, to make sure that updates keep on coming and your phone works for a longer time, to get the most out of your investment!.

The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ is working on the android 9 pie operating system, which has some great new features notable of which is the adaptive battery feature, for more optimised battery usage.

The other features are:

  1. Dark mode
  2. App customised suggestions
  3. App timer (to reduce your phone addiction)
  4. Accessibility menu
  5. Easier rotation of the screen
  6. Indoor navigation
  7. An improved DND mode
  8. Improved adaptive brightness  

And many more….

All in all, there is a significant difference from Galaxy Note 9 which was operating on the Android 8.1 operating system. The new version is quicker, faster and more efficient making it thereby, better, and totally worth it!,

The Android 8.1 doesn’t have the same proficiency of navigation, the beauty of the display and the efficiency of the notification panel in displaying information as the android 9. This is just the tip of the iceberg with many more modifications available on the 9.0 as compared to the 8.1 version.  

Performance and battery life

The battery life of a Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ is like the endurance of a sports person. The longer the better. it is necessary to have a long battery life so that you can use your phone for all purposes without it running out of charge easily, for the sole reason that not every place has the accessibility to a charging cable and the portable chargers nowadays are just very bulky and expensive.

The Samsung Note 10 has a battery 3500 mAh whereas the Samsung Note 10+ has a larger battery of  4100 mAh. The battery life of Galaxy Note 10 is actually a disappointment as the previous model had a battery life and power better than this newer version. While the Note 10+ has a larger battery, it also makes the phone bulkier.

The new feature is that of a wireless charging cord allowing the buyer to use the phone without the disturbance of a charging cable coming in the way.  


So here is the part of the article that matters for those who are planning to buy the phone. In my opinion, while the new features are no doubt amazing, the whopping price is something to think about twice before you decide to buy the phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10, I feel is a bit of a forced device and the low battery life is just a downer. I think with just a 4k difference in price between the two basic models of note 10 and 10+ isn’t much of a difference, making note 10+ a better option.

I suggest you define your usage of a mobile device before you go ahead and change your phone- if you are in a working job, where you have to move around a lot, I suggest the galaxy 10+ for the sole reasons that the battery life is better and the screen is wider for multifunctional uses. If you use for a phone primarily for gaming and social media apps, Note 10 should be alright because of the comparable camera features.


  1. Better camera resolution
  2. Upgrade on the OS
  3. Options for memory up to 1 TB
  4. Many options for the colours
  5. The size of the screen allows all kinds of work to be done
  6. Stylus feature on the note 10


  1. The battery life of Note 10 is not good
  2. Bulky and heavy to carry around
  3. The note 10+ doesn’t have the stylus feature
  4. Expensive

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