Realme 3i, Design, Camera, Battery, Launch Date, Price and Features

realme 3i

It has recently been confirmed by Flipkart that the Realme 3i will be launched along together with Realme X on 15th July. The features and the look of the phone have already been revealed by the website. The China-based company Realme parted from Oppo in 2018 and established itself as an independent company. Since then it has launched a number of smartphones under the Realme series, all of which has given tough competition to the other brands who manufacture smartphones of similar price ranges.

Earlier this week, the teaser of the Realme 3i was released by Flipkart and the e-commerce site has already confirmed the release of the smartphone on July 15th. Let's take a look at the features which are revealed by the teaser of the latest mid-range flagship from the company. The pricing of the phone in India and it's full specifications will be confirmed by the company on July 15th.

realme 3i

Realme 3i  Price:  7,999

Realme 3i Launch Date: 15th July 2019

Realme 3i Display and Design:

realme 3i

The Realme 3i will have a splendid diamond-cut design which looks quite premium for a smartphone under the budget of 8000 rupees. The smartphone is expected to have a lighter weight than the Realme 3 with a similar-looking display. It was launched earlier this year.

However, according to the teaser, we can contemplate that some changes will be made to the design of the phone. The apparent one being the design of the rear panel. The diamond cut rear panel will have a blue-pink gradient finish in blue colour. A metal like texture which is similar to the Realme C2 is going to be a prominent feature of this phone. According to Flipkart the Realme 3 will have a dewdrop display.

Realme 3i Operating System and Processor:

It will have a previous generation MediaTek Helio p60 chipset, while the realme 3 had an helio p70 associate. So in case of the processor, the Realme 3i falls a little short. However, it is still a pretty great deal for the budget. The teaser also revealed that the phone will have an Android Pie and it will probably come with a great and impressive 4 GB RAM which will ensure a smooth experience.

Realme 3i Camera:


Not much is yet revealed about the specifications of the cameras but according to the teaser Realme, 3i will have a vertical dual camera setup. More information can only be gathered after the official launch of the phone. However, it is expected that the camera of the phone may be similar to the Realme 3, which had a 13mp front camera and dual camera setup of 13mp + 2MP on the rear side. The camera performance of the Realme 3 was quite average though.

Realme 3i Battery:

The battery of the Realme 3i will be a super powerful 4230 mAh battery which is also similar to the Realme 3. We can assume that the capacity of the battery will be enough to last a full day at least or it could be more as with Realme 3. But it also depends on the optimisation of the performance which is yet to be revealed. However, the Realme 3i will probably not have fast charging support as it was absent in the Realme 3 too. However, within this price range, it is unfair to expect every type of innovation and having a big battery is still a great addition.

The phone will be launched on 15th July and only after that, it will be revealed if the phone stands true to our expectations. Until then let's just hold on to our anticipation.


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