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JioGate: The New Gated Communities Security System

JIo Gate

JioGate: In the olden days, it was very common for someone to leave their house doors open during the night and day, allowing people to walk in and out freely. That has completely changed with the advent of huge apartment buildings and bigger more expensive property. We think twice before we leave the door open even for an hour, because of the increased rates of robberies.

The level of trust established by our ancestors in this scenario is long gone, and replaced with a shadow of a doubt- what if my valuables are robbed? Even within the house, we keep all the jewellery and antique items under lock and key to prevent our housekeepers from stealing it. Not to mention, the laziness exhibited by the security guards. I don’t know about your building, but in mine, all they do is gossip like old aunties!

In order to re-establish that trust, and improve efficiency, a number of measures are taken, like coded locks for cash, alarm systems and some houses go as far as having a CCTV camera! To further strengthen this trust, recently Reliance has come up with their new product- JIOGate, to improve apartment/ housing security.

This article is going to highlight the details of this new product launched by the Ambani family, what it is all about and what we can expect from it.

What is Jiogate?

The Jio gate program is the latest creation born out of the Reliance company which is an application designed to provide better safety in apartment complexes.

It will function as a mobile app used to regulate various security functions in apartment buildings like keeping a track of the visitors entering and leaving the premises, CCTV feeds and much more. This will trump the need to maintain a physical record copy of all the safety functions of such residential areas, and also improve efficiency.

The latest version of the application has been released on Google Play and App Store (for iOS 10 or later) and can be downloaded. It has currently reached 500+ downloads.

Download JioGate

About Reliance Jio

   It is a telecommunications networking company run by the Ambani Family. It has several ventures throughout the country besides the newest application JioGate such as a mobile network, electronics and so on.

Recently the Reliance family took the country by surprise when they announced the launch of their first JioGigafibre technology and also partnered with big names like Microsoft. This was another venture soon announced after.

Features of the application

  1. The information of visitors coming in and going out of the premises can be recorded. The time, date and duration of stay all can we recorded, alleviating the need for a physical record book.
  2. An attendance record is maintained for the domestic help to keep a track of their whereabouts.
  3. An intercom facility is provided. You can use your smartphone to listen to the visitor on the other side of their door to regulate who comes in or goes out of your house.
  4. You can also keep a track on when delivery personnel of all kinds are leaving and entering the building to give you your parcels.
  5. There is a “panic button” facility to alert the security guard and your loved ones in case of an emergency. You just too long-press to send an SOS message to the security guards of your apartment complex and the emergency contact fed by you.
  6. You can also track the cabs in the vicinity of your building and how far away your ride is.

Where can I find the app?

It is now available for download on the Google Play and Apple store for everyone to use. Currently, over 500 downloads have been made.

The company has still not gone live and it is not known as of yet whether any gated communities are making use of this as of yet.

What is the verdict?

The JioGate app provides the promise of helping with the vision of the safety threat-free environment to live peacefully. But the initial views are not very pleasant. Many users have stated that it seems to be made out of the idea of other similar applications such as MyGate, Gatekeeper, etc

Further, it works on an all or none principle. If you wish to use the application, all the other residents of the gated community have to make use of it as well- that seems very idealistic a situation to execute. Also, the first initiative cannot be taken by just anyone- the manager or committee member of the residential area has to download the app and use it first before anyone can join it.

However, if we manage to get past these flaws, the features provided by the application are pretty solid and can prove to change the way we view building security for the better.



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