How To Download Videos From Youtube

How To Download Videos From Youtube

How To Download Videos From Youtube: Youtube is one of the popular websites for watching all kinds of videos and podcasts online. In around 2016, a new feature was added- the ability to download videos which you watch, on the application. Youtube is one of the largest multimillion-dollar organisation, created for vloggers to create and upload their videos.

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The problem is that you must have a strong internet connection at all times to finish watching your video and cannot download the content unless you have a youtube red membership. Even so, the largest obstacle when coming in the way of downloading content is that there is only an option to download the mp4 version of the videos and not just the audio.

There are many illegal sites to convert your Youtube videos to the mp3 format with a download option.  Here I will highlight a step by step process to download videos in the mp4 and mp3 format, along with the various sites you can use for the process.

Is It Legal to Download Videos From Youtube?

It isn’t legal to download Youtube content as it’s against the sites legal policies. Therefore, caution should be exercised before making use of sites to download videos.

Youtube Videos Downloader Websites

Many sites have taken their birth online to download content directly off youtube so that you can watch them without an internet connection. Most of these sites also have an option to choose the format of download- you can choose to rip off only the audio part of the video, thus converting it to mp3.

Some such websites are

Although all these sites are useful, I personally find 4K video downloader easier to use because of better interface and ability to work both as a video downloader and mp3 converter. So here I am going to provide a step by step tutorial of how to use the site’s features.

Method 1: Step by Step Instructions to Download Youtube, Instagram Videos

Step 1: Go to the 4K downloader site.

The website offers many other download services like- Instagram picture and video download, creating slideshows, conversion of mp4 to mp3, etc.

Once you onto the site using your windows/ mac computer, you have to get the 4k downloader application installed.

Step 2: Get the downloader installed on your device.

Click on the get 4k downloader option below the “download Youtube videos” option and wait for the file to be loaded. Once it has loaded, click on the file and install the application onto your device and launch the application.

Step 3: Go to youtube and copy the link of the video you wish to download

Visit the site and copy the URL of the video from the search bar at the top of your page to paste onto the application.

Step 4: Paste the URL on the application

Go to the launched 4K video downloader. On the top right corner of your downloader is a paste URL option. Paste the copied link on this bar.

Step 5: Choose the format of the download

Once the URL has been successfully processed by the application, details of the video pop up. There is then an option to choose the format you wish to download your content in. here you can choose to either download the video as it is (mp4) or convert it to mp3 (audio).

Step 6: Choose the quality of the video

You can choose the quality of video you want to download. Remember that better the quality of the video, the more is the file size and the longer time is takes to download it.

Step 7: Choose the site of the downloaded file

Click on the browse option and choose where you wish your video/ audio to be downloaded.

Step 8: Download the file

Finally, click on download and wait for the video/ audio to finish uploading. Once done, click on the file and enjoy!

Other sites also have a similar pattern of working with a few minor changes.

Method 2: How to Download Videos From Youtube

Step 1: Open SaveFrom Site

Step 2: Copy the Youtube video link which you want to download

Step 3: Paste Youtube Link in the website

How to Download Videos From Yourtube

Step 4: Select the format and quality of the video you want to download.

How to Download Videos From Yourtube 2

Final Step: Click on the download button and download will start immediately.

Method 3: The Easiest Way to Download Youtube Video

Step 1: Open youtube video, you want to download

Step 2: Put "ss" just after the www. in the youtube link and load the page.

Step 3: You will be redirected to Savefrom website, Now Press Download Button and download will start immediately

How to Download Videos From Yourtube 2


  • Once you have chosen a video to download, 4k downloader asks you if you wish to download the other videos from the channel. It works according to your preferences and suggests videos to download.
  • It also can download multiple files at a time and is easy to understand
  • Besides video and mp3 download, you can also download pictures and videos from Instagram, create slideshows and extract music files from any site you wish.
  • It is completely free with absolutely no hidden payments!


  • It is illegal to use and goes against Youtube’s privacy policy
  • Leaves your device vulnerable to a host of viruses

What’s the right way to do it?

Up until recently, youtube allowed it’s users to download their videos without any cost, but now you have to be a Youtube red member to do so, and even then, you can only watch it on the app and must be logged in.

While this can seem troublesome, you don’t need to download a third party for viewing the videos and it is completely legal! Something to think about!


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