Have you dropped phone in water? Checkout some smart hacks.


Some smart hacks when your electronic gadget falls in water

Just in case you accidentally dropped your phone in water or forgot your phone in your pocket which ended up in the washing machine. Don't panic but you need to act fast and smart to avoid further damage to the phone.

I'm sure all of us must have dropped or spilled water on our phones at least once in our lives. Most of us think that when water falls on our phones it's the end but that is absolutely false, there is still a lot of scope of recovering the phone. With the rise of waterproof phones like iPhone X, Samsung S10 which a slightly on the expensive side these situations may be avoided but can they avoided completely because most of the phones used by us are not waterproof, so we better be a little more careful while using our phones.

These are some hacks which may help bring back your phone to life. If your phone is completely drenched in water for a long period of time, these hacks may not help.

1. Switch it off immediately :

The first thing to do after your phone falls into water is to switch it off since using a wet smartphone since it will damage the phone which will cause your phone to stop working.

2. Wipe it and shake it :

After switching off the phone, wipe the phone thoroughly with a dry cloth and shake it for the extra water to drain out.  Clearing the water causes less damage. Exposure to water can cause damage to do the internal components of the phone, so it is better to fish out the water as soon as possible.

3. Remove the sim card, sd card, and all other peripherals :

This can help avoid further damage to the phone and damage to the cards. Thus the loss of data and information can be avoided.

4. Remove the battery :

If you have an iPhone you can skip this step, but if there is a possibility yo remove the batter do it immediately at it prevents chances of shocks and damage to the phone.

5. Do not plug in while wet :

The circuit board consists of a much larger amount of current electricity than on the phone, not only does it destroy the phone completely it may also give you a shock which is very harmful to our body or may also start a fire. To avoid this situation gloves can be used as a shock absorber.

6. Dry the phone with a cloth or a microfiber cloth :

You can pat dry the phone with a cloth or a microfiber cloth, avoid using paper or other materials which may block the ports of the phone. Microfiber cloth helps in absorbing the tiniest amount of water from any type of surface with very less effort applied.

7. Put your phone in a plastic bag :

This may help create a vacuum and suck all the water that has gone inside the phone. This hack may not be very effective but in dire situations, it may be used for a little improvement in the condition of the phone.


8. Put your phone in rice :

This may sound like a myth, but it has a 100%  chances of bringing back your phone to life. Rice is a very good absorbent and absorbs all the water inside and around the phone. Silica gel can also be used instead of rice as it is also a very good absorbent.


1. Apple iPhone X - Rs 74,750

2. Oppo F11 Pro - Rs 24,649

3. Samsung Galaxy S10 - Rs 66,900

4. Apple iPhone Xs Max - Rs 1,08,424

5. LG G8 ThinQ - Rs 59.990

Watch this video to get a better understanding of our best hack :

If you guys know any better hacks, please let us know but leaving them in the comments section below.