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Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips For The Summer

It's the time of the year when all you want to do is enjoy being outside and revel in the warmth and sunshine. Yep, summer is here. It is time to say goodbye to everything synthetic in your closet and stock up on cotton clothes, which should be your go-to fabric in the summers. However, it is not the time to slack on your skincare routine. Just like your wardrobe, it is essential to change your skin routine seasonally.

What does summer do to your skin?

Oily skin gets oilier, and dry skin gets patchy. You've got your breakouts and rashes and that acne doesn't seem to be going anywhere. When it's summer, it is important to consider that UV rays are especially damaging in the summer because our exposure levels are higher than usual. The humidity and hot temperatures also contribute to summer skin issues like extra oil and shine. Aside from sunburns, overexposure to sun rays can cause premature aging of your skin through fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin. Skin Care Tips

This is why it is important to focus on heat protection and switching up/ adding on your regular skin routine. It can be tough to know where to start when you are switching your skin care routine, which is why we have compiled some tips to help keep your skin healthy during the harsh Indian summers.

Protect your scalp.

It's easy to rely on your long hair to provide shade from the sun but the skin around your hairline is too sensitive and could get burned. It is recommended that you use a sunscreen spray, instead of a cream because it is harder for creams to be absorbed around your hairline. Skin Care Tips

Take a cool shower.

Hot water baths are always so relaxing, especially after a long tiring day. However, hot showers after lots of sun exposure lead to extra dry skin. A cool shower, after a lot of heavy sweating, helps to keep your skin clear and decreases acne breakouts substantially.

Cleanse regularly.

With air that is hot and humid, your skin may be oilier than usual. As soon as you get up, wash away oil and sweat that may have built up on your skin's surface overnight. And before you head to the bed, remove your make up and cleanse your skin with a foaming or gel-based face wash. Use micellar water as a make-up remover. It cleanses, hydrates and helps to remove dirt and make-up making it the perfect dry rinse. Skin Care Tips

Make sure you keep your face clean of dust and sweat throughout these hot months.

Exfoliating your skin can also be very useful to keep your skin healthy. However, it is important to keep in mind your skin type before you move forward with exfoliating your skin. If you have acne prone skin, use fullers earth (Multani Mitti), rosewater & basil and if you have dry skin, using egg whites, lemon and curd with some turmeric (just a pinch of two) would prove to be really helpful.

Fight that acne, people.

A majority of people experience acne breakouts during this season. If you are one of those people who experience the same, try to splash your face with water at least three to four times a day. It isn't necessary to use a face wash every time you wash up, just use clean water.

If you are prone to heavy body acne, use an acne fighting body wash in the morning and wipe your skin with anti-blemish pads at night.

Use a daytime moisturizer with SPF.

Using a heavyweight day cream can mix with the sweat and only make your skin oilier. Lightweight moisturizers are less likely to mix with your skin's surface build up and will soak into your skin without leaving a white cast.

Switch to an oil-balancing cleanser

As mentioned a lot of times in the article, oily skin in summer is your foe. Dehydration of your skin in summer leads to oilier skin as a negative reaction. Using an oil control moisturizer with an amount of salicylic acid that does not exceed one to two percent.

Don't itch bug bites.

In the summer, bug bites seem to be itchier and linger on for a while because they become inflamed. Use anti-itch creams twice daily to resolve any itching that you may be experiencing during this season.

Take care of your eyes.

The summer weather can prove to be harsh to the fragile skin around your eyes. If you encounter a similar problem, you will find that using an eye cream will help prevent and sometimes, even reverse wrinkles. Such creams have a really light texture and are quick to absorb into the skin around your eyes.

Soothe razor bumps.

If you do decide to shave or wax this summer, beware of razor bumps and ingrown hair. Gently exfoliate the area to keep it smooth and use ingrown hair cream to calm any irritation caused by red razor bumps.

Avoid using products with fragrance

When exposed to the sun, using products with fragrance cause photosensitivity, that leads to pigmentation. This is why you should use light, naturally fragranced and colored products in summer.

Make-up routine

Your make up, in the summers, should be powder based and layered to a minimum. Keep your make up brushes clean and use BB creams, not old compacts. Make sure your make up products are always kept away from sunlight so as to not reduce their shelf life.

Travel routine

If you are traveling in the summers, know that your skin reacts differently when your traveling and products with actives or boosters with active ingredients have been known to cause havoc and create unwanted reactions.

Stay Hydrated

Last but not least and it can't be stressed enough, keep yourselves hydrated, people. Not drinking enough water can cause your skin to be tight and flaky, and makes your skin prone to aging. So, get your water on! (Okay, that sounds weird but drink up! Nope, still weird)

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