Depression,A serious Health Problem.



Nowadays Depression is a very common health problem. It can be cured through the right treatment. But unfortunately, We don't pay much attention to our Mental Health. But Mental Health is as important as Physical Health.

Depression can attack any people. Age is not a point there. Sadness, Crying, frustration, anger, low confidence, frequent thought of death or suicide are common symptoms of depression.

Depression is something that should be treated in the first hour. To cure depression, The person can visit a psychiatrist, or go for meditation. Listening to music, having positive thoughts, spending time with loved ones is a good solution for depression. Ignoring depression can be a cause of death also. Because Serious stages of depression take people to suicidal attempt. That's Why taking help from a professional doctor is important. In various reports it is found that teenagers are easy prey of depression.Mid 40 crisis is not unknown anymore. Middle-aged people are suffering from various crisis. Again getting older and being alone is another reason for depression.

Basically, depression is something that is full of negative energy. It promotes negativity only. Feeling blank, feeling hopeless is symptoms if depression.

To ignore depression, we need to make ourselves busy with our hobbies, with various creatures. When we keep yourself busy, it's difficult to be depressed. Besides we need to spread awareness among society about depression.Because India is still not aware that much. But the report says that a large number of people of various age every year commit suicide due to depression.still we are not aware.this is very much unfortunate. Still, in India, we think that only 'mad' or 'mentally abnormal' people go to the psychiatrist.

Many so-called literate upper-class family don't like to visit doctors for mental health. The Middle class and people who are not that much aware of mental health may ignore it easily. That's why we need to spread awareness. Various Journals, Meeting, Tv show should be organized to spread this awareness. Everyone should be aware of mental illness. Besides, they should know it also that If they start treatment on an early stage, it is curable also.