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WAR Trailer Review: Hrithik and Tiger challenge each other in this epic action thriller

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WAR TRAILER REVIEW: Releasing on 2 October 2019, two secret agents, Kabir a mentor and his protege Khalid get pitted against each other when the former goes rogue and the latter is handed the task of taking him down.


  • Hrithik Roshan as Kabir
  • Tiger Shroff as Khalid
  • Vaani Kapoor
  • Ashutosh Rana
  • Dipannita Sharma
  • Anupriya Goenka


  • Directed by Siddharth Anand
  • Story by Siddharth Anand ,Aditya Chopra
  • Screenplay by Siddharth Anand, Shridhar Raghavan
  • Dialogues by Abbas Tyrewala
  • Music by Vishal–Shekhar
  • Cinematography by Benjamin Jasper
  • Edited by Aarif Sheikh


  • Production company: Yash Raj Films
  • Distributed: Yash Raj Films
  • Release date: 2nd October 2019
  • Country: India
  • Language: Hindi


Touted as the biggest action movie ever made in Bollywood, the trailer of War is a feast for the eyes for action lovers. Hrithik Roshan, known for his action movies Dhoom 2 and Bang Bang teams up with Tiger Shroff, known for Baaghi to give us one of the most anticipated movies of the year. During the entirety of 2 minutes 25 seconds trailer, you feel like if you blink or you will miss a good action scene between those two.

The trailer opens with special agent Kabir played by Hrithik Roshan, who has apparently gone rogue and is seen shooting police officers and fighting against his own nation. A company official orders Kabir to be brought in immediately or simply be killed. For this task, they assign Khalid another special agent played by Tiger Shroff.

Then we see a conversation between the two, which suggests that Kabir was once Khalid’s mentor and everything Khalid knows about being a special agent was taught by Kabir himself. But they are no longer on good terms because of Kabir’s own actions. In a powerful scene,Khalid says to Kabir, he did not teach him ‘Gaddari’ or betrayal. Kabir, on the other hand, has no qualms taking Khalid down.

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What follows this revelation is an intense high octane power-packed cat and mouse chase with the two characters hell-bent on countering each others’ every move. It is backed by stunning visuals which were shot in 7 different countries and 15 world cities and thrilling action sequences performed by the two lead actors. The jaw-dropping action and death-defying stunts are supported by incredible VFX comparable to the Mission Impossible series, and it elevates the visuals.

The trailer is also filled with some heavy-duty dialogues by Abbas Tyrewala which up the ante of action and perfectly fit the action genre.

The ending of the trailer is the best part with the two going all out to finish each other, and we can see their bloodied faces.

(courtesy YouTube)

We can Vaani in bits and pieces throughout the trailer. She has a glamorous role in the movie and plays a casino performer and entertainer. The trailer does not give us an idea about how she gets involved in the Kabir and Khalid feud, but she seems to be Hrithik’s love interest in a few shots.

We also have Ashutosh Rana in a supporting role-playing a government official.

Final Thoughts :

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